Festive Backgrounds for Your Phone & Workspace

Holiday-Appropriate Wallpapers for Your Devices

As the countdown to Christmas continues (can you believe it's only 15 days away???), I felt the need to get my devices into the spirit! I sorted through lots of options and narrowed it down to these few--and I've already switched between these a couple of times as well--the beauty of non-permanent decorating!

Now, normally I'm a photo-background kind of girl. My most recent backgrounds were: an engagement photo of Ricky & I as my desktop background at work, a photo of my wedding bouquet and bodice as the background on my phone, and a group shot taken with Ricky's family a couple falls ago as the background on my home computer. 

BUT as some of you know, this fall/winter has been a little nutso in the Lorimer household-moving, car accidents, illness, etc. (which is why you'll have to excuse no post last week), and I still don't have everything unpacked and organized in our new apartment. That's really hard for me! I hate seeing clutter and disorder when I come home. So I've been chipping away at it a little at a time when I come from work, but in the meantime I decided to use this simple way to add a little festivity to some things that I won't see clutter on--my phone & computers! And I thought I would share them with you all in case you'd like to do the same. Some are "traditional" holiday and some just seem wintery & festive. Enjoy!

Phone Wallpapers

These 10 backgrounds are portrait-style and good enough quality for a phone background. (As long as you have a portrait-style phone....do they still make landscape-type ones? I have an iPhone and I'm a little out of the Android game anymore, but I suppose if you have a landscape-type phone you can snag one of the desktop wallpapers to use as well!

LOVE gold polka dots right now-so glamorous!

Also bows. I'm on the lookout for bow-lights for our windows, but in the meantime I can have one on my phone!
Navy not your color? How about some mint? Looks like a little present!

This color combo is not a traditional holiday palette, but feels very festive with the sparkle!

Chalkboard. Mistletoe. What more could you want?

Sometimes winter gets me down, and this background reminds me that spring is coming!

One of my favorite holiday songs. :)

This is my current background, although I cropped out "twinkle" and just went for the lights. 

Mesmerizing snowflakes!

My previous background on my phone-can you tell I love gold right now??

Desktop Wallpapers

These 10 desktop backgrounds are set up landscape style for your computer screen. These are a great way to add a little flair to your work computer all year long! Why settle for the boring stock screen that comes with the computer when you could have a little joy each time you minimize  my blog your company email to move on to another task?

No office Christmas tree? No problem!

A great screen all year-round!
So you favor simplicity? This one is for you! 

Except only on Christmas Eve! Or if I want to go skiing...

*Sigh* Gorgeous and classy. 

I love this one-soft, out of focus, very romantic. 

This one is great if you're not into the traditional red & green color scheme!

This one says "Frozen" to me--you might be totally over Frozen but I don't have any kids so I still love it!

Love this classic color scheme & simple design

I can't do this in real life (no yard) but I can on my desktop!

I hope you loved some of these screens as much as I did! Which is your favorite?
What's an unconventional area in your life that you like to add a little unexpected style or festivity? Tell me in the comments below!
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