Life Updates

Life Updates

It's been a bit since we checked in (my last post was in May for Easter and Adaline's 2nd birthday), and there's been lots of changes around here!

Job changes

In the last 6 months, both Ricky and I have changed jobs. Ricky went from being a pharmacy technician at Walmart/Sams to an office associate at Floors Inc., and I went from being assistant to the dean at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to being an office manager for a local accounting firm. Ricky's job change happened back in late February, and I've only been in my new position for 3 weeks! We are both so grateful for forward momentum in our professional lives, and the good work environments and hours that we are in.

In other news...

We're moving! 

Or at least we are hoping to. We started looking mid-spring (in truth, I have been looking since I worked as the office manager for a real estate company 6 years ago!) and we've put in two offers so far. For one of the two, we got the offer accepted and for 3 weeks we were under contract on that home. Unfortunately, the deal fell apart when the inspection report came back and there were several pricey repairs that we felt needed to be made for safety, but the sellers disagreed or were unwilling to repair. So that home is back on the market, and so are we! Luckily, we are renting and can stay in our apartment for as long as we need to, which means we can be patient in the home search. I've spent nearly every Sunday this spring and summer at open houses, but I've gotten caught up on a lot of great podcasts! I'll have a post for you soon on some of my new favorites.

Coming up, I'm planning to do a final apartment tour, moving tips (packing & the home buying process) and lots of organization once we're in a new home. I'm sticking my toe into the Insta-stories space occasionally too, but it's more real life and less polished, so be aware!

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