My Favorite True Crime Podcasts

My Favorite True Crime Podcasts

I've talked about some of my favorite inspiring podcasts before, but today I'm talking about a completely different genre that I adore. True crime! I've loved crime shows forever, with Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, and Mindhunter for watching, and too many crime novels to count--all the way back to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys! But this past year I've also added listening to crime to my regular rotation -- in the car, during mindless tasks at work, or while cleaning the house are all great times to have my true crime fix in podcast form. Here are my faves!

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

Hosted by Billy Jensen (investigative journalist who uses social media crowdsourcing to solve crimes) and Paul Holes (retired investigator from Contra Costa County in California who specializes in cold cases), this podcast focuses on crimes where either perpetrator, victims, or potential victims are unknown. They provide focus on the victims as real, fleshed-out human beings whenever possible and even invite listeners to contact them with any information.

The First Degree

The First Degree also features Billy Jensen and is also hosted by true crime enthusiasts Jac Vanek (of LadyGang and the world of fashion design) and Alexis Linkletter (true crime journalist and producer). The "first degree" references the fact that each episode features a phone interview with someone who has a first degree connection to the crime--either to the perpetrator or a victim. It's an interesting twist on the genre, and the hosts are wildly different from each other but work extremely well, with great chemistry.

Crime Junkie

Crime junkie is hosted by, of course, a true crime junkie, Ashley Flowers who does volunteer detective work and who spends each episode detailing a crime to her childhood friend, Brit Prawat. who has worked for a private investigator in the past. It feels exactly like your best friend telling you about something she saw on the news, and the two of you discussing it. It's not as technical or "pro" on the investigative side as the two above podcasts, but it's a nice mix!

22 Hours: An American Nightmare

Back on the pro side, 22 Hours is a podcast hosted by an investigative reporter, Megan Cloherty at WTOP along with her colleague, Jack Moore. This podcast differs in that the whole thing is about one crime, rather than covering one crime per episode. It takes you through the timeline of the crime as well as through the trial process, forensic evidence, attorney tactics, transcripts and more. It's a fascinating peek into what happens after a crime is committed, from the reporters who were actually on scene for the trial.

Any true crime podcasts that you love that I missed? I'm always up for trying out more! Let me know in the comments.

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