Printable Holiday Gift Tracker

Holiday Gift Tracker

I thought I'd pop in to share with you the way that I've been keeping track of our gift purchases, in case it helps you get more organized this holiday season. I've been using this spreadsheet for the last few years and it's been a huge help -- especially since having a child, graduate school, and a new house have taken up all the extra space in my brain, it's nice to see everything laid out in one place. This way I'm less likely to forget a gift, or to choose one but forget to actually order it, etc.

What are your favorite organization tips for the holidays?

Click here to download the fillable version of my Holiday Gift Tracker!

So far we've got some cozy scents and textures, and I've made one batch of cider. What are your favorite parts of autumn? What traditions do you and your family have this time of year? 

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