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Adaline Turns Two and Other Springtime Fun!

Adaline Turns Two-tti Fruity & Other Spring 2019 Moments This past month was busy around here! Family visiting, Easter egg hunts, Mother's Day and our cutie turned 2 years old! It's hard to believe that it's been a whole two years since Adaline was born and Ricky & I became parents to this sweet, smart, sassy little lady. She is such a joy to us! We went with a two-tti fruity theme, with fruit-themed cupcakes, a cake, party hats, bubbles, sunglasses, and other party favors--and of course big bowls of fruit along with the other food! I've been neglecting my little corner of the internet lately but I wanted to do a quick post with some photos of what's been happening in our lives this spring. I'm so bad at remembering to take photos so when I do have a few, I want to make sure they are collected somewhere! We've had a busy season but a lot of good moments with family, friends, and finally being able to do things outside (park outings, zoo

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