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Organized Purse/What's In My Bag

Organized PurseWhat's in My Bag?
"What's in my bag" posts & organizational posts are some of my very favorites to read, so I thought I'd combine them for this post & talk about how I organize what I keep in my purse. Most women carry a handbag and many of them struggle with creating a good system to keep them organized enough to find what they're looking for at a moment's notice. Hopefully this post will help you keep your bag (& therefore, your life on the go!) a bit more organized and manageable. :)

I know if my bag is messy, I waste too much time searching for keys, my wallet, my sunglasses, whatever I'm looking for because everything is swimming around in the interior. To prevent this problem, I'm a big advocate of smaller compartments within a bag. I'm pretty picky about the bags I buy--they need to have at least one smaller pocket on the inside, preferably a zip pocket on one side and two smaller open pockets on the other sid…

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