Low Country Wedding--Condo Tour

Low Country Wedding

Hi guys! Sorry this post is late, I have been on a whirlwind trying to catch up from being gone this weekend. What’s that, you say? Where did you go? Well, I’ll tell you! We went to Charleston, South Carolina for my cousin’s wedding weekend. Talk about a great place to go! It was like a mini-vacation as well as attending the wedding. It was beautiful, we had amazing weather, and she had lots of fun get togethers planned. At the family oyster roast (aka rehearsal dinner-type-gathering) we had dinner & a show, the form of a snake hanging down from the rafters, strangling a rat, and then swallowing it. There were probably 50 people crowded around it taking videos, (and one person who played tug-of-war with it by pulling on the rat’s tail) but I was not quite ready to be that close!
I want to show off our trip to you, but I also want to respect the privacy of my cousin and all the people whose permission I didn’t get (or ask for…whoops) to post pictures of, so I decided I would settle for showing you all these amazing photos of our beach condo!
Welcome home!

Ricky's and my bedroom

That bed was so comfy!

Ignore the luggage!

Our bathroom

Very beach-house appropriate

This would have been Kay's room....

But no! She didn't come. :(

All the beach equipment in the closet

The bathroom that goes with that room

Living/Dining (And my familia)

Kitchen--fully equipped!

Different view

They were not impressed with my photo-taking

Our deck! We spent a lot of time out here!

Our view!

The hotel next door (you can also spy a peek of the pool and hot tub through the slats of the deck railing).

Beach! Beach! My mom was ready to move here by the end of the trip!

In case you stay a while and need to do laundry (or you're smart and pack light and do laundry so you don't have to bring 10 outfits....but we don't know anything about that in our family). 

And the master! Mom & Dad's room

They had a second door out to the deck 

Nice & roomy!

Mom & Dad's bathroom-Jacuzzi and all!

The necessities :)

Who gets a walk-in closet on vacation??

Ricky and I only got to be there from Thursday-Sunday, but Mom and Dad stayed a couple of extra nights in this paradise! In addition to the wedding activities, we walked around the beach, at seafood for every meal (or at least I did!) and took a carriage tour of historic downtown Charleston. We already can't wait to go back.

What was your favorite family vacation? Do you go to the same place each time or always go somewhere new? Tell me in the comments below!

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