How to Organize Gift Cards

How to Organize Gift Cards

Let's be real, everyone wants to give gorgeous, perfect gifts to their loved ones, but gift cards are a go-to gift idea for teens and adults. They know what they want and now they can buy it themselves. :)
During the year, if I only have one or two gift cards, I just keep them in the side pocket of my wallet, which works out fine. But right after Christmas or a birthday I may accumulate too many for that little pocket, and don't want them just floating around in my purse or pockets.

My post-Christmas stash from generous family members & co-workers
So a couple of years ago I picked up a few of these small expanding files (similar, not exact, although mine is looking a little too white & plain next to these!) at Target in the little dollar spot section. They pop up there from time to time so keep an eye out! I use two of them for the "envelope system" by Dave Ramsey (keeping cash in sections based on what category of spending it is allocated for) and another in my purse for all my gift cards.

My beat-up 3 year old gift card organizer
It really works beautifully! Since the file has several slots inside, I've labeled them (using this label maker) based on the types of gift cards I tend to receive. The categories I have right now are Movies, Online (for things like Amazon & iTunes), Coffee, Fast Food, Restaurants, Retail & Miscellaneous. These categories have been working pretty hard that whole two years for me, but be sure to adjust for what you tend to be gifted. This little pocket doesn't take up much space in my purse and I always keep it on one side, next to my wallet so that I can see it easily when I go to pay and remember to use it!

Nothing fancy, just handwritten labels to stay organized
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Gift cards = love
What are your favorite gift cards to give & receive? Do you think of gift cards as useful & practical, or as a cop out? Let me know in the comments!

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