10 Days

10 Days

Isn't she lovely?
10 days ago, on Friday June 17th, we lost my grandmother as she passed on to be with Jesus. While there is much to be thankful for (it was peaceful, she had a long life, 7 of her 9 children were present, etc), nothing makes it easy to lose someone you love. These 10 days have been tough. 

Grandma and her children, June 1990 (a few days after my birth)
I decided to use today's post just as a brief highlight of my grandma's life. She had 9 kids, 21 grandchildren, & 14 great grandchildren with a 15th on the way (not mine!). She had siblings & nieces & nephews and friends who loved her. She was a colorful, sassy woman at times but also incredibly caring and devout and was always praying for her friends and family.

Mother's Day on the left, maybe '97, and Christmas '09 on the right
She loved all things musical, including singing, dancing, and playing the piano. She never learned to read music but played beautifully by ear. Some of my favorite memories of her are from family get-togethers (large family get togethers) with groups talking and laughing in each room and Grandma playing our baby grand in the dining room. 

With my grandpa on the left (he passed in '87, before I was born),
& with my mom at my parents' wedding on the right
Another favorite for her was old movies, especially musicals--I've been craving Judy Garland all week just from thinking of her. Although it was kind of fun to try to explain current pop culture to her, I always enjoyed going over and seeing what classic she was watching at the time. 

With Grandpa on the left, at her 90th birthday on the right
She loved sunshine--she moved to Florida for a few years just seeking the sunshine, but eventually moved back to her town & family. She got a sun lamp a few years back to help out during the cold, dark midwestern winters but she was definitely happiest when real sunshine was coming through her window. 

Mom's side of the family at my wedding--Grandma in the second row towards the left
But mostly she loved her family--all buckets and buckets of us! I'm so grateful that she did, because I love spending time with them all and was so happy to see so many of them honoring her life this week with their presence and kindness. It was great to see some that I haven't seen in years and reminisce together.
My cousin Savanna, me, & my second cousin Ellie later in the evening, the day of Grandma's funeral
Also....please note that this was after wearing this makeup for about 10 hours in 90+ degree heat. Be kind. 
I'll leave off with a paragraph that my sister posted to Facebook the day of the funeral, because she totally nailed it and I'm all out of the appropriate words.   

Today is a hard day. Today I attended a beautiful funeral, and said goodbye to my Grandma Lois. Today I watched my mom get up and speak at her mother’s funeral. 

Mom-Thank you for sharing your heart, it was beautiful. I’m so proud of you and your siblings for being so strong and loving during this difficult time. 

Grandma- You looked beautiful today. Truly you did. Your hair was perfect and those colors looked fantastic on you. All your kids looked great too-even you would think so . 

Her whole life my Grandma has been one to turn heads. She could light up a room just by being there, and you could light up her eyes just by telling her so. My grandma fell in love a few times during her life. But there’s one man who’s always had her attention, who she’s always been enamored with. Jesus. She’s had his pursuit for 90 years. He was waiting for her at the end of her aisle of life, handsome, loving, and perfect. And when He looks at her He sees beauty. Not her physical beauty which we all can see, but the profound perfection of the spirit that He gave her. They are together now, happy, pain free, and eternal. 

So Grandma, you look beautiful today. More beautiful than you have ever looked in your life. You are perfect, you are free, and I’m excited for the day I get to see what that looks like for myself.

So right now it's been 10 days--but I love that I will be able to look back in 10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years, 50 years, and remember the amazing woman that was my grandmother.

Thanks for sticking with me through this heavy post--love you all! Part 2 of our Home Tour coming to you soon!

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious me Jaclyn. I'm bawling now, with a pride only close family might know. I'm learning that pride isn't a worthy trait to boast about, so let's settle on a simple thank you for this. My heart is bursting. Thank you my dear Niece. I love you. XOXO! Uncle Dan


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