Favorites Lately

Favorites Lately

I actually wrote this post at the beginning of April, but then I had a baby and never published it! So take this all from a 9 month preggo standpoint. 

Big Little Lies (book)
This book got turned into a mini-series on HBO, but for those of you who don't have HBO or want to shell out for the app, just read the book! It's extremely intriguing and kept me hooked--in fact, I just went out and got two more books by the same author!

The Nightingale
This was a heart wrenching book about what it was like to be a citizen in France during World War II. Told from the perspective of two estranged sisters in very different situations but each with a surprising amount of strength. 

This is the glider we got for our nursery and I am in love, y'all. It looks great, it's super comfortable, and it has a good ottoman. Plus it wasn't thousands of dollars like the ones I kept seeing online. Aint nobody got time (or cash) for that!

I used a yoga ball at work throughout pregnancy for at least a couple of hours a day--it was really helpful for my hip and tailbone pain--and I bought one for labor/bouncing a sleepy baby as well. 

I LIVED in this tank for the last two months of my pregnancy. Super comfy. I have it in black and white, but it looks like it's only available in navy stripe, red stripe, or gray right now. Plus it's $5-$12 depending on what color you get!

This foundation looks great in photos, looks great when I'm dry or oily, when it's hot outside, over nearly all of my primers...basically it's one of my top picks all around for foundation!

I've been dealing with some redness and "mask of pregnancy" discoloration on my face, and this really helps correct that! I also enjoy the texture of it--smooth like a silicone but doesn't chunk up as easily under water based foundation as some silicone-y primers do. Also, can't beat $6!

This gives me a lot of length & drama, and my lashes need all the help they can get! Plus, it comes in a travel size, which I am all about when it comes to mascara. They usually last me three-six months, which is about when a full size dries up on me anyway, so why pay for the extra product if you don't get to use it?

Dried Mango
I mean, I am extremely pregnant. You didn't think we were going to make it through this list without a food item, right?

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  2. I might have to give that foundation a try! I've been using basically a tinted moisturizer for a while and I think I need more coverage. Also I got that mascara when ulta had it half off during their days of deals and I've had problems with it getting on top of my lids and smudging under my eyes, I feel like I've used better drugstore brands! Darn! Enjoy your beautiful babe, mama!

    1. I am super messy with mascara, but a trick I've found helpful is to wait for it to dry after I've smudged it somewhere, and then use a q tip to get it off! So I tend not to hold that against the mascara if it's a little smudgy. I agree though--I think L'Oreal voluminous and Jordana best lash are at least as good!
      I think you'll really enjoy the foundation--it will definitely give you great coverage and I don't know anyone who's tried it and not liked it!
      Thank you, I will--and you enjoy your adorable girl as well!


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