Athletic Wear

Athetlic Wear

This summer, I finally got a membership to the YMCA. Lincoln is fortunate in that we have several locations, and they all offer a ton of different programs--kids' activities, lots of group exercise classes, child watch, swim lessons, health assessments, etc. This spring I was ready to enroll Adaline in swim lessons and also looking for a gym membership for myself to try some new classes, and knew the Y was the best bet for our family.

I jumped right into cycling classes and yoga--which, it turns out, require different athletic wear for me depending on which activity I'm doing. Cute workout clothes always serve as motivation for me and I figured there might be some of you out there who feel the same!

Cycling shorts/pants with a gel cushion in the seat are a big "must" in my book to prevent, ahem, saddle soreness. I found these bike shorts and these bike capris on Amazon that are amazing! I bought the shorts literally 2 hours after getting home from my first class (during which I wore runner-type shorts which resulted in a lot of discomfort--please don't do this!) and they've been a gamechanger for me.
I tend to sweat quite a bit during cycling, so moisture-wicking, loose-ish tops have been great for me. I have these tops in two color combos from Amazon (grey/mocha and black/agate green), and they keep me as cool as I can be. The lighter colors definitely show sweat, so be warned if that's something you're not comfortable with. I also found a workout tank I really love from Walmart, of all places, that is high necked with mesh panels around the collar, arms, and hemline. I can't find a link right now, but if I end up finding one I'll link it.

For yoga, I change it up a bit. High waisted leggings and yoga pants are ideal for me, generally with a muscle tank, athletic tank, or soft, stretchy t-shirt. For yoga pants, I'm a big fan of Fabletics (great for outfits!), Zella, and Lululemon (my favorite, but also most expensive). That said, I've also had good luck at Old Navy and Target this season. If you've gotten workout clothes from Old Navy a few years back and not loved them, I'd encourage you to go into a store and try again--I had some sports bras from there a while back that I definitely did not love, but this year they have some really good choices. I will say that I prefer to look at their clothes in-store, as some of the fabrics are better than others-specifically I'm more into their polyester/spandex leggings, and less into their cotton options. These, these and these were all ones I liked the feel of while wearing.  For tops, I like these muscle tanks from Old Navy and have the black and maroon designs, or this one from Amazon. Target also has a ton of cute sleeveless tees right now. All of these can do double-duty as streetwear, and since I don't tend to get very sweaty during yoga, on the weekends I often go straight from the gym to errands or vice versa, and I'll throw a chambray button-down top over my tank--with plain black leggings, it makes for a good running-around-town outfit.  I also have a few larger slouchy tops that are fun with coordinating sports bras, mostly from Fabletics. I like the fun, colorful yoga outfits for my 5:30am classes, since I know I'll come home and change before work. They feel so bright and cheerful! It helps me forget that it's so early in the morning. Since Fabeletics changes their inventory all the time, I don't have exact links, but they have a quiz that will hone in on your personal style. It's a program where you need a membership to get the best pricing, but I only did it for a couple of months until I had a few things I wanted and then suspended my membership until I need something new.

I wear moisture-wicking athletic socks to cycle, and honestly, I have not upgraded my sneaker game at all. I know that shoes are the area that most athletes really go all out, but I'm still wearing Target sneakers similar to these, and for pedaling a gym bike, they're doing just fine. If I ever get into outdoor running or something I'm sure I'll upgrade (my sister swore by Saucony all through high school and college cross country). I wear my cheap sneaks for lifting/strength training as well. For yoga, you can go totally barefoot but I like these yoga socks for a little extra grip on the mat. Athletic undies are a good idea as well. None of my current activities are super high impact in the chest area, so I can get away with a comfier sports bra like this one, or this one.  I have a couple of higher impact ones that I got years ago and wear on the odd day that I might be running or jumping. It's warm outside now (at least in Nebraska) but pretty soon I'll be making sure to have a jacket with me every time I go and I like this one in gray and this one in black.

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