Fall Bucket List 2019

Fall Bucket List 2019

Now that we've closed on our house, moved in, and set a budget and game plan for filling the spaces that we didn't have in our old apartment (furniture for a second living area, guest room, etc) which took a lot of my emotional energy in the late summer, I wanted to spend this fall really intentionally focusing on my family and on myself-reconnecting and recharging. Since we're officially in the autumn season here in the U.S. (although you can barely tell with the 85-degree weather still!), I thought a good way to do that would be to set ourselves a fall bucket list and publish it on the internet. You know, for accountability purposes. ;) 

So far we've got some cozy scents and textures, and I've made one batch of cider. What are your favorite parts of autumn? What traditions do you and your family have this time of year? 

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