A 3-Year Throwback to Our Proposal

A 3-Year Throwback to Our Proposal

Ricky & I a few minutes after he proposed

This week I’m going to do a sappy post because it was the anniversary of our engagement on Sunday! :) I’ve also decided to post at least once each week, hopefully every Wednesday. 

3 years ago today, I was sitting in class, trying to pay attention but mostly looking at the sparkle coming off of my left hand. My brand new, prettiest thing I’d ever worn, symbol of my engagement.

All I did for about a week

Ricky and I had been dating a little over 2 ½ years by this point, and we’d been talking about getting married for….pretty much all of that time, so I wasn’t taken totally by surprise, but he was so sweet and I was still more excited than I’d ever been in my life. So.

October 5th, 2011, was a Wednesday. Ricky had been telling me he wanted to take me on one last picnic while the weather was still nice. He had changed the day on me twice, and was weirdly insistent that it happen on the 5th even though Wednesdays weren’t great for me because I had early class on Thursdays. And then my little sister, who lived in the same building that I did, came down to my room and helped me pick out an outfit.  (Fairly normal scenario for us, except that the roles are usually reversed).

At the beginning of our picnic

That day, Ricky came and picked me up with the whole picnic basket ready to go, and we headed out to Nathaniel Greene Park, our favorite park in Springfield.  We picked a spot not too far from the parking lot, with a good view of the pond, and spread out our blanket. 

Me eating and Ricky sitting nervously, waiting for me to finish.

Ricky had sandwiches, sparkling juice, and apples with caramel dip. He apologized profusely for not having chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) because none of the strawberries looked good at the store, and he barely ate a bite of his own food--which is not normal. :)  As soon as I was done eating, he packed everything back up in the basket, stood up…..and knelt right back down again, pulling out the ring box!

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" And lots of crying.

Checking out my bling

I honestly can’t remember much of what he said, other than that it was incredibly sweet and he used my full name, which I appreciated. I started crying and saying “yes!” over and over again. 

So excited to marry this guy!

Ricky pulled me to my feet for a better hug, and then turned me to my left, where my little sister and his little brother had been videoing and photographing the whole thing!

Who's hiding behind that bush?

Mario got a little emotional

Is that Mario? No, it's my sister Kaylyn

Ricky's brother Josh did all the photos and my sister Kaylyn took a video. Then Josh put it all together as a video that we played at the wedding. Thanks guys!

Josh took a few posed shots as well in this beautiful park. 

My sister Kaylyn & I

Ricky & his brother Josh

We were so grateful that Kaylyn & Josh took the time to be the "behind the scenes" team of this special moment in our lives! Especially since Josh had to drive 6 hours to do it!

Tell me about your proposal story. What was the most memorable part? Or if you're single, what is something that HAS TO HAPPEN at your future proposal? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. What adorable pictures and such a sweet proposal! So happy you two are in our lives.


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