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Fragrance Display & DIY Makeup Brush Holder

This weekend I completed a few beauty-item related projects--super easy things, using items I already had around the house, but they made a big difference to me!

The first thing I did was a fragrance display in our master bedroom. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have caught a peek of it over the weekend. There wasn't really a place for a display like this in the bathroom (what with all my makeup products in there), and I didn't like having to pull them out of the medicine cabinet which was where they'd been living up until this point. I'd rather have dental & skin products in there, and not glass bottles that could easily break if I nudged them when taking one down or putting it back up! I also have a couple of Bath & Body body sprays and they were too tall for the medicine cabinet, so they'd been in the bottom of the vanity. Plus--perfumes come in adorable bottles--they're practically begging to be displayed!

I already had this tray on the little white bookshelf in our room. This shelf wasn't doing a ton of heavy lifting before this change. It was a necessary item to hold extra sheet sets & items (like jeans) that have been worn once but can be worn again before washing. I have always been pretty good about just putting them back in the closet and remembering when I needed to wash them, but I have gotten lazy on occasion and just put them on the floor, and Ricky was doing it ALL THE TIME with his jeans & work pants so we needed to come up with a solution! The shelf with baskets left over from our previous apartment did the trick and I slopped some leftover decor on the top and that's what we've been working with since November.

This tray is one of the ones I made with this method back in January and has been holding various knickknacks ever since. When I decided to do something difference with my perfumes I just wandered around the house looking for ideas so when I saw this tray and knew it would be perfect. I cleared off the other decor with the exception of a clear glass vase holding faux white peonies. Then I added all of my fragrances. I just added bottles & moved them around until I thought they looked good. I also have a few rollerball fragrances, which I LOVE because it's a less expensive way to try out perfumes & have more options in your collection, plus they can be easily thrown into your purse or travel bag. I put these into a gold polk-dotted tumbler and added it to the tray. Voila!

The other little thing I did was add holders for my makeup brushes. I had talked about my makeup organization in a post several months back--boy how things have changed!! The biggest change is just that I've been really getting into makeup a lot more in the last few months, which has resulted in a bigger, slightly more fancy-pants collection. (Side note--I know I'm super late on this train, but have you tried the Too Faced Cocoa Powder collection?? This makeup smells like CHOCHOLATE! So of course I now own the bronzer & face powder and am in love with the smell.) 

So for the additional prodcuts, I bought an additional makeup organizer, added a couple of candy jars from my entertaining stash, and decided to give my brushes the attention they deserve as well. They had previously been in the bottom drawer of a 3 drawer plastic organizer, but they couldn't dry super well in there, I was having trouble finding the ones I was looking for, and my collection had expanded enough that there wasn't a lot of breathing room in there.

These are my two makeup organizers--the one on the right is the one I've had since high school, the left is the one I recent purchased and am loving! I like having both since the older one has deeper drawers and I can store larger products in there. I definitely still need to go through and reorganize the drawers of both so I have all my "like" products together but they're working out beautifully so far!

These burn-out silver votive holders were the perfect fit for my Real Technique & Elf Brushes

Again, when deciding whether I needed to purchase anything, I shopped my home. Two brushed silver votive holders that I had taken off the tray in the bedroom (aka my new perfume home) were perfect for holing my taller brushes. The matching gold polka dotted tumbler holding my rollerball perfumes had come with a twin sister, so I used that for my shorter, fluffier face brushes. I have one more silver candle holder in case of future overflow, I still needed something for the very short detailer & eye brushes that I owned, and it was starting to bug me enough that I was thinking of purchasing something within the next couple weeks. But then the next day my tiny candle in the bathroom finished burning and I knew it would be the perfect size!

I go through these little Walmart candles like crazy in the bathroom--they're perfect for a smaller room.
I filled a pot in the kitchen sink with the hottest water our tap produces and stuck the candle holder inside. After a minute or two, I pulled it out and used a paper towel to wipe out all the excess wax. I put it back in the pot for another 5 minutes and when I pulled it out, the labels wiped off easily.
I could have just used it as plain glass, and that would have been fine, but all the others had silver burn out patterns or gold polka dots and I kind of wanted to add that same metallic look. I had a gold metallic sharpie, so I used it to create (imperfect but quick & easy!) polka dots and stuck my brushes inside. Now all my brushes have a home, and there's even a little room to spare!

It worked so well for these tiny brushes!
I'm actually really looking forward to running out of more of these tiny candles so I can do different designs & patterns on them with my other metallic markers in the future. Yay for free organizing!

Here it is in the bathroom--the larger glass holds my "travel size" Morphe & Victoria's Secret brushes, and the little baby one holds the tiny brushes from those same sets. Just like with perfumes, I like to buy the travel sets of brushes, especially if I'm unfamiliar with the brand,  because the tops are the same, just with a shorter handle, and it's much less expensive than buying full-size. 

The little gold stand holds my phone, which I usually play music on when I'm getting ready. I think these are so handy (2.99 from Hobby Lobby!) and I have a few throughout the house. The acrylic canister on the far side of the sink is mostly empty right now, but it's a candy canister from the party section at Target and I've got a few ideas for it. :)

 Another shot of how it all looks together in the bathroom now!

I'm (of course) not done organizing my beauty products. I need to find a solution for nail polishes next (currently in a tote under the sink). But both of these changes were little, neither cost me any money, and they went a long way to making our suite look pretty & spa-like. I was a tiny bit worried that Ricky would think all these beauty products being displayed was a little too on the girly side, but he actually really likes the fragrance display and is planning to get a couple small sizes of new colognes in the next few months & wants to know if I can figure out something fun to do with those as well. He also says he "doesn't mind" the makeup. He's seriously so sweet & patient with me. He likes to see me working on organizational/home decor projects because he knows it's my stress reliever--it's my happy place!

What little things have you done in your home that have made a big difference? Do you enjoy "shopping your home" for these type of projects or do you prefer to buy new? What are your best beauty product organization tips? Let me know in the comments below!
If you're wondering where any of these products are from, feel free to contact me or ask in the comments below and I'll do my best to get back to you!

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  1. Do I see that you have the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray!? I am IN LOVE with that stuff right now!

  2. Oh my gosh, yes! I have the Chill & the All Nighter and I switch them based on the situation--they're the best! I actually laughed when I saw your post yesterday--so witty with the name!
    But I laughed because my post today has some similar min-reviews of my favorite makeup products last month!
    XO, Jaclyn

  3. Great minds think alike! That Bobbi Brown Corrector though - try it if you haven't! It is AMAZING.

    I'm going to make a cute brush holder like yours! Once my candle burns all the way down! SO cute!

    1. I actually just bought it based on your suggestion! And I got the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette as well because I felt like I needed more chocolate-smelling makeup in my life. Would you be interested in seeing "hauls and mini reviews" or anything like that on here?

    2. Absolutely! I'm still new at this whole "fancy" make up thing (beyond just foundation and some mascara), so some hauls and mini reviews would be awesome! Especially since there are SO many choices out there and sometimes the cheaper drug store product might really be better!

      And I rave nonstop to everyone about the Bobbi Brown Corrector - I hope you love it, too! I WILL NOT go with out it now. Ever.

      I recently got the Lorac Pro Palette, but checked out the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette because I saw you had it and loved it! I have their contour kit and really like it. Although next time I think I will go with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. I love that it smells like chocolate! :) My numero uno want right now, though, is the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eye Shadow Palette. It's soooooooo beautiful!

      We should live closer. Then we could have makeup dates and play! :)

    3. Absolutely to all of the above comments! I have actually heard really great things about the NYX contour kit as an alternative to the Anastasia one but I haven't tried it yet. I do have the ELF one and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved it!


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