Makeup Storage & Organization

Makeup Storage & Organization

Recently, I got fed up with the disorganization that was my makeup. I was using this drawer container for makeup storage but had crammed it so full that there was overflow in a basket in our linen closet and some in the left-hand drawer of the vanity. I was buying new products because I couldn't find the old ones, and they were all piling up. #organizationfail

So I took everything out of this corner and cleaned up. I found new homes for my body butter & makeup removers in the (mostly unused) medicine cabinet. I don't like to keep medicine in the bathroom because the heat and moisture are bad for medicine, which means that this cabinet is perfect for the toiletries I use on a daily basis. 

It may seem weird to have a lamp in the bathroom, but this light has a 7.5 watt bulb and I like to keep it on overnight so that I can see my way to the bathroom. :) One of the things I like about having this drawer set in the corner is that it hides the lamp cord. 

I took everything out to the living room....

And dumped it on the floor. Thank God for Netflix and candles because they get me through this part of the process. 

I separated like items, took out the non-makeup items and found them new homes, and put each category into its own separate drawer (after scrubbing all the drawers out). I also threw away items I knew I'd never use or that were too old. 

Perfect! This drawer set really packs an organizational punch without making a big footprint in the space on top of our vanity. I've had it since my freshman year of college and it has held up beautifully. I actually fully intended to throw it away and put something new in its place (and I still have dreams of high quality acrylic sets) but when I saw how great of shape it was in, I couldn't bring myself to purchase something new. #freeproject #bloggerwin

Here it is back in the bathroom, hiding that lamp cord & making my mornings easy. Trust me, I'm not a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed morning person, so anything that can help along that process, like not having to dig and search for a particular product, is a win in my book.

Top compartment is lips, which actually serves as some
 great eye candy through the top. 

The first drawer is eyes, which truthfully has several items that I had totally forgotten about. I threw away more mascara than I would have needed in the next two years. 

Middle drawer is face/skin products. I switch out concealers & foundations based on the season & my current skin tone. 

And bottom drawer is applicators & brushes! This was another category of "Okay, I think I'm pretty well stocked for awhile." I'm not a super-adventurous makeup girl but it's nice to always have what I may need available & accessible!

Hello there! 


So there you have it! Some day I hope to have a Jaclyn Hill type beauty room, but for now this Jaclyn Lorimer beauty corner works just fine. ;) 

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  1. Thank you Jaclyn for sharing this. Good job with organizing your make-up. Congratulations with the new fresh project.


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