Feels Like Fall!

Feels Like Fall!

It's fall in the Lorimer household! If you follow me on Instagram (instagram.com/jaclynlorimer) you saw this sneak peek of the season...

Adorable ceramic candle holders & candles in pumpkin spice & vanilla--Target
Sparkly fabric leaves--Hobby Lobby

Ahh, fall. It's such a wonderful season, but here in the Midwest it always feels like it only lasts a few weeks before winter takes over. That's why we make the most of it with things like seasonal drinks, cozy scarves, and fall decor!

As some of you may know, Ricky and I moved into my in-laws' house a few weeks back while we are on a waiting list for our new apartment. They have been so gracious and accommodating (and our previous apartment was so tiny that we actually gained space moving into their basement!) but the fact that it's a part of their home means that it does come fully decorated, plus we don't want to completely move in since we'll be moving again soon. I've put a few "us" things around and carved out a spot in the family room for an office/studio but with the fall weather I felt like I needed a couple new autumnal touches to really feel at home!

Coffee table decor--we're gone so often I don't want a lot of real gourds or flowers, so this makes sense for us!
 This faux  mini pumpkin set seemed so cute! --Hobby Lobby
Cake stand--Michael's

Dining table--Ceramic pumpkins cookie jar, owl salt & pepper shakers--Honestly can't remember if they're Hobby Lobby or Target--you may be noticing  a theme. Target is my frenemy. 

Look at his little face!

No cookies inside, but hey. 

As you can probably tell, Halloween isn't super my thing, decor-wise. We are, however, pumped about Trunk 'N' Treat coming up and will be in costume and handing out candy next week! Check out last week's Trunk 'N' Treat Organizing post here (http://lorimerliving.blogspot.com/2014/10/organizing-trunk-n-treat-2014.html) and stay tuned for an update on how it all went down in a couple of weeks!

Okay, back to photos.

Hall table--the lantern & candle inside are Target
"Give thanks" sign from Hobby Lobby
*Bonus--that's Ricky and I on the left, and Ricky's brother & sister-in-law on the right

Bedroom dresser--Garland with mini gourds from Hobby Lobby,
pumpkin candle from TJ Maxx, old candle holder I had on hand

Living in a basement for the time being means no outside to decorate, but I thought I'd share a couple of touches my amazing mother-in-law has on the front porch...

I don't know where these are from, but I will find out because I want some. :)

Bench-Passed down from Ricky's grandmother
Lanterns and burlap-Decor from my sister-in-law's wedding
Cute rustic flower planter-no idea. I'm so helpful.

Check out my favorite inspiration for fall decor on these two Pinterest boards

What decorations do you have out yet? Do you go more "autumn" or more "Halloween" for your theme? Answer in the comments below!

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