Organizing Trunk 'N' Treat 2014

Trunk ‘N’ Treat 2014!

Guys. It's a Nemo trunk!

Each year at our church, we host a Trunk ‘N’ Treat night on Halloween. It’s always a blast, and it’s a great alternative or addition to Trick or Treating. You can be sure that the kiddos will get candy, play games, and most importantly, stay safe. And they'll do it all in outrageous costumes (adults too)! If you’ve never seen one of these events, basically there are decorated trunks in a line that people in coordinating costumes pass out candy from….but wait, there will be more, detailed below!

Oh man, how cute is this Mario-themed trunk?
Toy Story characters

Our church (Christ’s Place in Lincoln, NE for anyone who wants to come! I’ll include info links at the bottom) has two locations. The main campus is huge and usually has 2500 kids or so in attendance. The smaller campus is brand new to this Trunk ‘N’ Treat craziness this year but it’s going to be a blast! I’m especially excited because I’m organizing it at our campus. J

For those in your group who get into the Christmas spirit early....

Ok, a Noah's ark theme has tons of potential! Plus you will get to basically wear animal pajamas and be warm on what is usually a chilly night!

Keep in mind, the kids will be more excited about the candy than the work you put into your costume/trunk decor. ;)

Because our location is smaller (250 or so people each weekend, hoping for 800 kids to attend the event), we have the freedom to do some extra-fun things in addition to the trunks!

This is one of my favorites--Lumiere, Beast, Belle & Cogsworth!

Cute and fun! The tiny kiddos loved this one!

Very detailed Red Riding Hood trunk!

Our ideas for this year include:
A petting zoo;
A snack station with popcorn, hot chocolate, cider, etc;
A hay rack ride;
A sitting area of hay bales & blankets;

And, of course, decorated trunks with lots of candy!

I just really love this Nemo one. 

Put all your Disney paraphernalia to good use! 

The kids LOVED this one!

If you're involved with a Trunk 'N' Treat this year, keep in mind that if there are very small kids they might be scared by certain types of costumes or decorations--of course, you can't control what people wear to the event, but you can let your volunteers know to focus on fun rather than scary. There are so many great ideas out there!

And all the Bob the Builder fans go wild!

Don't forget to have your floating volunteers dress up too!

Be creative with the resources you have!

Hop on over to my Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to Halloween/Trunk ‘N’ Treat ideas here….

And see more pictures from Christ’s Place Trunk ‘N’ Treat 2012 here…. (I was going to show you 2013, but somebody got waaaaayyyy more/better photos from 2012!)
The awesome couple dressed as Belle & the Beast is my brother- and sister-in-law J

And info for this year’s event will be posted here…

This family nailed this Wizard of Oz theme! One of my faves!

Adults like dressing up too!

No trunk? No problem! Free-standing displays like this Pirate-theme work great!

*All photos from Christ's Place facebook page and can be seen here....

I’ll do an “after” post as well with photos from this year’s bash.

What do you all do for Halloween? Regular trick and treat? Nothing at all? Does this idea seem like something you’d like to attend?
Answer in the comments below!

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