How to Hang Stockings Without A Mantel

How to Hang Stockings Without A Mantel

As many of you know, we got keys to our new place last Wednesday and are now busily moving things over to minimize the amount of help we will need from friends & family this weekend (friends & family who have already moved us once this year!)
The original plan included us staying at Ricky’s parents’ house through the holidays, so I didn’t think as hard as I normally would about our Christmas decorations. Their basement has a gorgeous gas fireplace, and I figured that’s where our stockings would go. In the new space…not so much with a fireplace. So, time to get creative! In our first apartment we used the side of a bookcase, which worked well given the incredibly limited space we had available. But I’m not sure if that bookcase will be displayed as a focal point in the Union Hill apartment and I really like our metallic-y stockings and would like for them to stand out. Then it occurred to me—tons of people don’t have fireplaces or mantels—what good ideas are already out there? So I decided to round up a few of my favorites and share them with you! I’ll be sure to share which of these options we go with this year—or maybe we’ll make up our own!

Our bookcase "mantel" for the last couple of years--the mini stocking was for my sister, who was visiting around Christmas time. 

Option 1—I’ve seen a few hangings with this saying out there and especially liked this version of it with the cute font

Option 2—this is cute because it’s like a little faux mantel—and I love the monochromatic scheme

Option 3—this is actually a product made for just this purpose! Who knew? Find it here:

Option 4—In case you’re one of the many who is in love with all the DIY pallet projects out there

Option 5—So you don’t have a fireplace, but you do have a staircase to decorate? This idea takes care of both!

Option 6—Cute way to use extra wall space in a creative way!

Option 7—Use a clothesline or tension rod and spruce it up with other family decorations

Option 8--Ok, this might be my favorite! Just build your own fireplace out of cardboard! Inexpensive DIY that you can dis-mantel (see what I did there?) after Christmas without losing a lot of value!

And there you have it! Some great options out there to keep the stocking tradition alive without a fireplace. Where do you hang your stockings? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Hey! Hope the move is going great! When I was growing up we used to have a "mantel" that was made out of an old stained glass window. The center piece of glass was red, and we would put a candle behind it to make it look like a fire!

    1. I also figured out how to comment on your blog!

    2. Justin that is a great idea! So smart.


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