I'd like to start thanksgiving a day early and say that I am so very grateful that I wasn't hurt tonight. I was on my way home to my parents' house in Iowa, about a six hour drive, and hydroplaned, slid off the interstate and spun into a fence.
While I was miraculously unhurt, my car is damaged and stuck and I was in there for about an hour and a half before a patrolman picked me up and dropped me at an inn down the road. I'm staying here for the night and my dad is giving up his thanksgiving morning to drive several hours to get me. I'm thankful for my life being spared by God. I'm thankful the patrolman was able to find me, I'm thankful for the people in the area who offered to help, for a family that cares for me and will get me through this, for my readers for making it this far down this lengthy list, and last (and least), I'm thankful that my little inn at least has wifi!

Suffice it to say that this was not my planned post for the week but I couldn't let this opportunity pass. There won't be any photos or carefully crafted words but there will be a lot of honesty!
These times in life can seem so hard in the moment but they can also provide a great perspective on the wonderful things in your life. 
I hope that you all have an amazing thanksgiving that lives up to its name in gratefulness. 

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with a thankful heart




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