Holiday Stationery Caddy

Holiday Stationery Caddy

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Today I'm sharing a great way to organize all your stationery needs for the Christmas season! I saw this idea when Megan from Honey, We're Home shared a similar caddy in a guest post on I Heart Organizing which is one of my very favorite blogs run & written by Jen. (Did you follow all that?) And I thought it was genius! I love caddies because I often move around in our home from place to place while working on a project, and caddies are easy to grab and take along wherever I go. 

 This particular caddy was made from a bamboo silverware tray & holiday packing tape. It's a great size & depth for holding all my Christmas paper goods & decorative touches and is easy to tote around with me. 

 I was so excited to be able to add personalized return address labels--I've been wanting these for a while but knew I should wait until we were in this apartment and ready to put down roots for a little while. I didn't want to have to buy them multiple times after our moves! There are also scissors, postage stamps, pens & metallic markers. 

 Behind the return address labels are some blank Christmas-themed cards in several different styles, all from Hobby Lobby. 

 I definitely have a thing for washi tape-I've been using these all over the house, and am using them to secure the envelopes on my Christmas cards and give them an extra festive touch. Also shown here are 4 types of Christmas themed packing tape-great for sending presents in the mail! I also used the green packing tape & some washi tape to create a "tree" on my wall to hang Christmas cards from, and used the red swirly tape & bronze "Merry Christmas" tape to decorate this caddy. 

 The right side of the caddy--stamps, tags, hole punches & thank you cards. 

I use these gift tags on gift bags, of course, but also to label any holiday organization or decor I have around the house. They're just too cute not to share! There are several designs in this traditional tag shape, from Target, and to the right you can see several other shapes, from Hobby Lobby & Walmart. 

 Here are some holiday themed stamps, which I like to use on the top half of my blank Christmas cards to give them something extra. Ink from Target, stamps from Hobby Lobby. 

 Behind the "thanks" cards are another style of Christmas cards--I'm enjoying mixing them up this year since we didn't do a photo card (I don't think we've really taken any card-worthy photos together this year!) Behind those is a set of Holiday-themed party invitations--hopefully we'll get to use these for a get-together sometime, although we're running out of time for this holiday season!

In this shot you can see the holiday tape around the sides of the caddy. I'm loving it! I may create another one for birthday odds & ends! 

What would you include in a holiday stationery caddy? Or can you think of another use for the caddy in the "off-season"? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I wanna see the washi card tree!! Also I love the bronze Merry Christmas tape! 😍 I'll keep an eye out on the mail for our Christmas card ;)

    1. I'll have to post the washi-tree when it gets a bit fuller! I am fairly sure I found the bronze tape at Target--great find for when you need something a bit more secure than washi tape!

      Wait, you mean I actually have to send out these cards now?!? ;) Just kidding!



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