15 Perfect Songs for Your Perfect Day!

Happy New Year! I’ve already messed up writing the date about 8 times at work today. :)

I had a TON of friends get engaged or married over the holidays, (Congratulations!!) so I thought it would be a perfect time to post this list I’ve been compiling—especially since there are 15 songs for your 2015 wedding!

All our wedding photos by the wonderful Bethany McGrath at BKPhoto, link at bottom of page!

15 Perfect Wedding Songs For Your Perfect Day

My goal was to include songs that aren’t just “different to be different” since I would still want your wedding songs to reflect the special day in your life that you’re celebrating….BUT I also wanted at least a few of these to be songs you may not have thought of including or possibly never even heard before.

Plus, I love a good opportunity to shamelessly show off our wedding pics. ;)

Ceremony Songs

The Parents/Grandparents Processional
Instrumental, by Brian Crain
*Beautiful & classic, but not stuffy or too formal

The Wedding Party Processional
Sung by Christina Perry, but this would also be great as an instrumental choice

The Bride’s Entrance
Sung by Ed Sheeran, from his album X
* This song is one of my favorite things right now. I wish it had been released before our wedding, but alas it was not. I'm trying to think of other occasions I can sneak it into. My parents' 30th anniversary is coming up...???

The Unity Candle/Sand/Box/Etc
Lighting our unity candle

Sung by Jon Troast, from his album Second Story
*Seems like everyone is personalizing this part of their ceremony these days--and I love it! Seal a box with a bottle of wine & love letters for your first fight, plant a seed together, tie a love knot, whatever represents you two!

My sister & Ricky's brother--hilarious exit!
Sung By Phillip Phillips
*Tip—have your sound person start it during the first chorus to enhance the excitement of your trip back up the aisle! And then have a second & third song ready since your wedding party & guests need to exit as well

During the Sappy Wedding Video (If That’s Your Style-It Was Mine!)
Sung by Ron Pope
*Play behind a video of your proposal or photos of your relationship—could do this during the rehearsal instead of the wedding if you prefer!

Reception “Special” Songs

My maids of honor, about to "reel in" Ricky's best man!

Wedding Party Entrance
Sung by the Black Eyed Peas
*Have little dance moves semi-planned in advance for you & your party—it’s more fun for everyone!

First Dance
Sung by Runner Runner
*Warning-this video may make you cry. In a good way, but still. 


Sung by Safetysuit
*Both are beautiful and the lyrics are a perfect prelude to the rest of your lives together.

Me & my daddy

Father/Daughter Dance
Sung by Michael W. Smith
*If your name is Anna and you haven’t heard this song yet, you are totally missing out. You will likely cry.
If your name is not Anna but you love this song, consider having a live musician sing this and replace “Anna” with your own name.


Sung by Natalie Merchant
*For those of you who would rather do a tribute to your father instead of him doing one to you.

Mother/Son Dance
Sung by Hunter Parrish, from his album Guessing Games
When to Play It—During the Mother/Son dance

My mom (in the silver-she knows how to boogie!) 

Tribute To Your Mom
Sung by Taylor Swift
*Play later in the night for moms & daughters (Because the moms of the brides don’t really get a spotlight moment like the dads do, and they deserve it!)

Bouquet Toss
Sung By Rihanna

Eye on the prize!
 * Look, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with "Single Ladies." It's a fun, appropriate song. I'm just saying that it isn't the only fish in the sea. :)

Garter Toss
Sung by the Glee Cast
*Seriously. Whatever your feelings are on Glee, this song is amazing and hilarious. Close your eyes and listen that way if the high school drama turns you off. 

Photos by the lovely BK Photo, facebook link here

So there you have it! 15 great options for your 2015 wedding!

Which are your favorites? Were any of them new to you? Are YOU getting married in 2015 as well?

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