"Little Man" Themed Baby Shower

Little Man Baby Shower

This past weekend I, along with my sister in law Kelsey & cousin in law Ashley, threw my sister in law Kate a baby shower. We went with a “Little Man” theme complete with plenty of mustaches & ties.

You may have seen my sneak peek on Instagram as I prepped on Saturday for the Sunday shower....wine & chocolate-covered strawberry supplies!

I am a chocolate-strawberry fanatic! Love them!

At this point Ricky walked in & saw the blue food coloring on the counter with the white chocolate and became so amazed at my ingenuity. :) He's pretty cute. I think he's earned pink & red chocolate for Valentine's Day this weekend. 

Infamous blue chocolate

A friend threw a similar themed baby shower a few years ago so she was kind enough to let us borrow some of her designs. Thanks Diana!! You'll see a few of them in these photos. 


I loved these sixlets that I found in the shower colors! I think I found them at Hobby Lobby.

And super cute little blue paper straws-Target

The basics. :) Very important!

I added a mustache stamp to mini paper bags to use for prizes... (stamp from Hobby Lobby)

...And filled them with these color-coordinating goodies!

We only had 3 games, but I made 5 prizes in case we had ties...
I had such a good time getting prepped, even when last week's snowstorm prevented the other hosts from being able to come meet with me. (Stupid snow! That "meeting" was going to be an undercover girl night!)

Luckily, the day of the shower itself was gorgeous! By far the nicest day the Lincoln area has had in a while. It was close to 50 degrees & sunny, and we just walked the supplies right over to our complex's clubhouse from our apartment.

Welcome in!

Our "Little Man" banner over the fireplace


Our games--contact me for printable versions of the "Match the Baby Animal" and "Songs with Baby in the Title" 

The goods!

I know I'm a dork, but I'm so in love with wrapping, and that whale bag in the front is to die for!

Prayer cards for Baby Riley
This table also had a "guess the # of skittles in the baby bottle" chart & prize but I forgot to take a picture of that, the thank you cards we had guests write their names & addresses on, or of the table as a whole. This is why you do photos before the guests arrive, instead of while they're playing a game. Whomp, whomp. :(

And the best part...the food! 

No one was hurting for sugar, let me tell you. 

Sour patch "kids"....kids, get it?? No, just me? Okay fine. 

Blue punch for a boy, pink lemonade because it's delicious. 
In case anyone cares what the punch was...it was literally blue Hawaiian Punch & Sprite. With sliced oranges on top. And it was delish. I kept searching for punch recipes and finding great complex ones for pink or red punch but this was all I kept coming on for blue. And apparently the reason is because it rocks.

We had a few of the girls stay & chat with us while we cleaned up (or rather, Kelsey & Ashley cleaned up & I took photos)

It was so nice! Made the process much more fun. 

The mother-to-be, me, Ashley & Kelsey!

I was so pleased with the way the shower turned out. We had about 17 people come & the food & games went over really well, and of course the mother-to-be received lots of goodies!

What are your favorite shower games? Favorite foods for hosting showers? Tell me in the comments below and check our my Pinterest page dedicated solely to Showers & Parties here!
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