Love & Friendship

Love & Friendship 

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, full of love (even if not romantic love!)

Brief Plug for Friendship First in Your Romance/Christ's Place

Our church, Christ's Place, had a wonderful Valentine Weekend sermon called "First Comes Love Friendship" which can be found in the sermon archives here. Did you know that one of the leading indicators of a successful marriage is whether the couple has a solid friendship as well as a romantic relationship? It was really a wonderful message for both singles & couples. If you're in the Lincoln area, you can find our locations & service times here. 
Okay, done with the church plug (I just love our church so I can't help it!)

Back to the "Home Blogger" content :)

Ricky & I have a little tradition; he always ends up having to work, so I have dinner & candles waiting for him when he gets home. A few pictures, you ask? Absolutely!

I like to have a little display for any holiday, and this buffet that I gave you a sneak peek at in my snowy day post a couple of weeks ago was perfect! It sits in our dining area and I haven't decided on what my regular display will be here, so it was fresh & ready to go for a Valentine's Day vignette. 

Ricky sent me the chocolate covered strawberries & flowers, and they rounded out my buffet perfectly!

I had pre-ordered a couple of movies for Ricky that aren't out yet, so I made these little boxes out of chalkboard labels & scrapbook paper. Inside was another sheet that read the title of the movies with heart washi tape. 
We like to do romantic gifts and/or gifts we can both enjoy on Valentine's Day so that we can spend time together, so food & movies definitely fits that bill! We are big movie buffs--if you ever play a movie trivia game, we're your people. :)

Those of you who have been following for a while or know us in person know that Ricky is a bit on the particular side as far as food, but steak & potatoes are always a winner, so that's what I went with! Bacon wrapped filets & garlic mashed potatoes for him, with some scallops for me & salad for both.

Anyone else get nervous when trying to wrangle all the dinner foods to make sure they're all hot and ready at the same time??
I think it went over well!
Me & my Valentine

I also like to add a couple of cutesy things around the rest of the house. It just sets the tone. :)

Ignore the leaves...this was taken on my way out the door to work

Next year I hope you add a vinyl "L" or "Lorimers" or "Love" to this heart...any suggestions??
Tea towels are one of my favorite ways to decorate for a minor holiday, since those holidays usually involve kitchen work!

These match our prints hanging in our master closet, which I love!

Rose "kissing" ball I made from rose shaped soap, hot glue & a foam filler

Mustache & Lipstick towels are last year's Hobby Lobby finds, and the Love towel was an impulse buy a few weeks ago but I cannot remember where....

What are your favorite Valentine's Day traditions? Do you love Valentine's Day or see it as a "Hallmark gimmick"? What do you think is the most important factor in a marriage?

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XOXOXO (you get an extra for Valentine's Day)



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