Snowy Day Projects

Snowy Day Projects

Readers, I don't know about where you are, but here in Lincoln we have had two pretty intense snowstorms in the last few days.

Beautiful Lincoln covered in snow. (Photo courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star-not motivated enough to stand outside taking photos!)

Some of you may remember that I had a car accident in November and totaled my car.....well friends, I have yet to replace that stinkin' thing. (Car shopping=evil. Evil, I say!) So even though my in-laws have been super great about letting me borrow their Honda, when it snows this much we are down to one functioning car for Ricky and me. Throw in the fact that our neighborhood, while great in some ways, is not fabulous about plowing the snow away. (Actually, Lincoln in general is not known for it's on-the-ball road maintenance.)

What my neighborhood looked like allllll day (photo courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star)
What this all boils down to, is that yesterday I did not go to work. The schools were shut down, which usually means that the real estate business slows down, and I couldn't even get my car out of our parking lot. I worked from home for a couple of hours all combined, but a day at  home meant I also got to put some time towards home projects! While I didn't get anything 100% finished (or at least not anything that I can show you yet---baby shower this weekend!), I did get a few things started or in progress that I thought I'd share a sneak peek with you.

First, a buffet/sideboard for the dining area--to separate our "bar cart" supplies from our extra dining linens & dishes.  This took a couple of hours & made my hands quite sore, but it's finished & looks beautiful. I can't wait to share it with you once it's fully styled!

Next, a few sturdy Ikea magazine files (this was the first time I'd used these files and I was pretty impressed with them for the price-I've gotten other cheapo ones that wouldn't even stand up by themselves before, which are pretty much useless.) These babies will be going into our office/guest room on the bookshelves to contain my magazine collection-divided into categories and labeled, of course. 

Why yes, that is "The Mindy Project" I am watching. :)

Finally, I purchased an Ikea Rast chest of drawers ($35 for something I can completely customize?? Yes, please!). I plan to stain or paint this bad boy but haven't completely decided yet, so in all honesty this is sitting in a big tote in my living room waiting for me to decide between weathered gray & glossy white. My plan for it is to go in our empty corner of the living room & hold scrapbook paper & DIY supplies. Then, when I finally bite the bullet & purchase a Pottery Barn wall shelf for that corner, this will be relocated and used as a guest nightstand in our second bedroom. At which point we will get rid of the cheapo little cherry colored laptop desk that we are using for that purpose/school supply storage for Ricky at the moment. Did you follow all of that? Don't worry, me neither. It's like musical furniture in here!

I finished off my evening with a bowl of soup & a good book. Oh, and 3 loads of laundry and a wrestling match with our duvet cover. Good day in my book!

 So what do you do on your snowy days? If you have kiddos, I'm sure a large portion of your answers will revolve around them, and I've gotta say that I kind of miss sledding and ice skating on snow days--just not badly enough to go do it by myself! Oh well, that day will come, and then I'll be missing all my free time to do projects!
How is the weather where you are? Are you a fan of winter storms, or do you long for spring? Tell me in the comments below!

One more photo because the snow-covered trees are my favorite thing about snow! (Photo courtesy of Lincoln Journal Star)
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