Weekly Cleaning Schedule **Printable Checklist!

Printable Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Dry Erase-able Checklist for Your Weekly Chores!

Ahh! It's such a great feeling to check off a chore once it's done.
A few weeks ago, I got fed up with our apartment. I've noticed that this seems to happen every year around this time--cabin fever sets in, you've been cooped up inside (therefore making more mess inside) and there have been holidays and illnesses and my regular "do it if it needs it" type cleaning falls by the wayside. 
And then we invite people over and I go into a mad cleaning frenzy. While I do find these slightly satisfying afterwards (leftover procrastination tendencies from school?), I hate that we can't just invite friends to our apartment after church on a Sunday without having to push it back to that evening so we can run home to vacuum & tidy before they get there. 
So a few weeks ago, I decided enough was enough. I personally LOVE checklists--they really help me accomplish everything I set out to do and I really enjoy being able to check something off once it's completed. Therefore, I created a weekly cleaning checklist so that everything would be "kept up on" and we could avoid being in the position where the whole house is a mess at any point. One of the things we love about our new apartment is that we finally have a living space that can fit more than 3 people at time--we don't want our tornado tendencies to prevent us from entertaining! 

When you have a Diet Dr Pepper addiction like I do, you just can't avoid this list on your fridge door. :)
A couple of these photos were taken over the last couple weeks--I started with a "first draft" and added or edited things as they occurred to me. (Like correcting the spelling of "vacuum--so don't worry, it's spelled right in the pdf I have available for downloads!) I also added a couple of chores that only occur for parents--kids picking up their toys before bed and putting away toys and games in the living areas--these are so this checklist will be more applicable to you guys. (So don't get to thinking there's something I haven't told you yet! Kids are in the 5 year plan but not the 1 year plan!) I also added a garage-tidying chore even though we don't have a garage. Whomp whomp. :(

This clip is magnetic & was in the dollar section at Target--I can unclip & carry the list around with me as I do my chores

Let's take a look at the other things taking up freezer door real estate....

Come on, you know you need those "Keep Calm And Drink Wine" magnets
Hobby Lobby, baby. All three of these. And I think they're cheesy yet adorable. 
At the bottom of the page I will upload a pdf version of this checklist so that you all can print it out and stick it on your fridges also! (Or wherever is most convenient for you). I put mine in a clear page protector so I can just use a dry erase marker--this lets me re-use the same list over and over without having to waste more paper printing it out each week. 

Here's the updated version that will be in the pdf below (except again, this is before I corrected "vacuum." I really hate vacuum-the word & the action. So maybe I subconsciously screw it up.)

Alrighty, without further ado, here is the pdf printable version of this checklist. This is my first printable I'm providing for my readers, so any feedback is welcome-especially if you have trouble with the link. If anyone wants a more personalized list, please click on the "Contact Me" page and let me know--I can create a new one for my readers for $5 each!

Do you have a checklist to help you keep track of your cleaning? If not, did you find this checklist helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This is such a helpful way to keep yourself on track (and to keep your home looking beautiful)! I am always looking for ways to remind myself about what needs to be done around the home and this seems perfect! Thank you!! :)

    1. Kristen, I'm so glad you like it--I hope it works super well for you! :)

      Thanks for the comment!
      XO, Jaclyn


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