Entry Bench

Entry Bench

With Re-Purposed Furnishings

On Monday I showed you before and afters of our master bedroom (see it here). In that post, I promised that I wasn't letting the bedding in the before photos go to waste. The sheets & comforter we are using as extra/guest bedding (we have an office/guest room but it doesn't have a bed this size so they are store when not in use) and the pillows have been re-purposed on our entry bench!

This bench was one of our several hand me downs from on old roommate before we got married (thanks Brittni if you're reading this!) and it has served us several purposes in the last few years. Ricky used it before we got married in his bedroom, we used it in our first apartment as a TV stand, and we are now using it as an entry bench. When we got it from Brittni, she had been using it at the foot of her bed with cute fabric over the top. But like a manly man, girly fabric wasn't for Ricky so in our time with it the top has been pretty worn and scuffed from the removal of the previous top and from age. I plan to sand it down and refinish the whole piece at some point (eye roll) but of course that hasn't happened yet. 

Photo taken from our stairway which leads down to the front door.

These pillows, a throw blanket from Target (Christmas gift from Ricky's sister!) and an old table runner from Hobby Lobby that we used in our first apartment (which I believe was a gift from Ricky's mom) are doing a great job disguising the beat up top surface for the time being. 

Hello old bedroom pillows! This bench makes a perfect place to put on shoes in the morning and take them off in the evening, and it's usually where my purse lives when I'm at home as well. It's placed just outside our master bedroom (which is to the left in the below picture) and is right at the top of our stairs (making it difficult to get pics head on since there's a living room wall directly 
in front of it). 

I love how well all these different pieces came together from different areas of the house. And I love that this spot in our home has cost us nothing but a little creativity! Free bench, free throw, free 
& re-purposed table runner & pillows. Now that's a budget I can get behind.  

Photo taken from our living room, showing how this bench splits the space between the stairway and our bedroom door and the living room. The hallway you can see behind the bench leads to the bathroom (left), office/guest room (right) and the double doors in the middle are to the laundry room. 
The next time you have an item that you are no longer using for its intended purpose, take a few minutes to think about how it may be used somewhere else in your home. You may be surprised at what you can come up with!

What is your favorite re-purposed item in your home? 

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