Lorimer Reading: Vol. 1

Lorimer Reading: Vol. 1

March Reading Wrap-Up

If you know me for any length of time, you're bound to discover that I am a voracious reader. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some of my "reading on the deck" pics like the one below. I was that kid who got grounded from books, had a bookshelf plus several stacks of books (taller than me) outside my bedroom door as a kid, ran out of books to read in the "Accelerated Reader" program at school and had to start writing book reports on other books, and almost got hit by a car once because I was reading while walking to my grandparents' house. True story.

That love for reading hasn't diminished at all as I've grown up (my year in law school slowed me down a bit on the "reading for pleasure " thing due to all the reading for school, but it's picked back up by now.) So, I decided to keep kind of a record of books I've read on the blog here & give you all my recommendations along the way! 

Every month I'll talk about a few of the books that I read the month before and share a few of my thoughts on each of them. 

By Sarah Dunant

This book is about the fascinating Borgia family--a family that should technically have never existed, as the patriarch was a member of the clergy who eventually rose in the ranks of the church to become Pope Alexander VI in 1492. That is around the time that this novel begins and it follows each member of the family, especially Lucrezia, the beautiful daughter of the pope who became a chess player in the game of European politics at a time when most women were merely pawns; and Cesare, the son of the pope who became a cardinal, became not a cardinal, became a warrior and finally became the inspiration for Machiavelli's "The Prince". While this book is historical fiction since it reads as a novel and fills in gaps where the truth is unknown, it's incredibly densely packed with great historical information about this powerful Spanish family in Rome. 

By Lisa Gardner

This is a great book by an author that I love. It's a procedural cop book, something along the lines of Law & Order in book form. Lisa Gardner has quite a few of these novels and they are all fantastic--they are about several different "main" characters but they all exist within the same world, so sometimes a major character in one novel becomes a minor character or even a reference in another, which I think is fun. Plus I just love following along with the mystery! (These are my grown up version of the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books I read as a kid).

By Candace Cameron

This is a non-fictional book by Candace Cameron of Full House fame. I put it on my Amazon wish list a while back when she re-surfaced in my mind by competing on Dancing with the Stars. It was a good read about balancing the different aspects of your life--your personal or home life, your career, and your spiritual life. I think she does a great job with this balance so it was nice to get some good tips!

Next Up....

By Melissa Michaels

And finally, here is a book that I'm reading now and will be showing up in my April Lorimer Reading edition! It's a great book by a fellow blogger, Melissa Michaels and is wonderful for design & decor tips & good thoughts on how to love the home you have. :)

Reading Blood & Beauty on the deck on Easter Sunday 

What about you guys? Are you big on books or do you hate reading? Do you prefer "real" books or are you an e-reader fan? What are your favorite genres? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. Wow! This is awesome! You truly do read so much that you would be a perfect person for a recommendation!

    1. I'm such a bookworm--couldn't even change it if I wanted to!

  2. Oh, how I envy your time to read. I love my life, but with 3 littles, a home to manage, and homeschooling to tackle, my leisure reading time is...small. Please, enjoy reading for the both of us. ;-)


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