Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother's Day

with a great gift idea that fits into your budget

So as I've been cruising the blog-o-sphere in the last few days, it has occurred to me that this is maybe not the most original post idea. Oops. But many of the posts that I have seen are apparently geared towards people with a bit deeper pockets than I have--and that's great! I hope that when I'm in my thirties, I am able to give my mom & mother-in-law gifts that more adequately (financially speaking) reflect how awesome I think they are. But we have crappy entry level jobs and student loans right now, so it just ain't happenin'. And frankly, both of our moms may have a cow if I tried to hand them a $300 handbag or perfume at this stage of life anyway. So even though I think these other bloggers have some great ideas (I'd sure love some of those gifts!) they're not really
feasible right now.

So that means that my Mother's Day Gift Ideas post is saved!
 I'll have a few ideas for you that fall into 2 financial categories-up to $25 & up to $50. And some of the "under $25" group will be well under, so even college kids will be able to find something on this list that will make Mom smile. 

Disclaimer: Mom & Wendy. Yes, I'm looking at you. You click out of this post right now! You'll see your gifts soon enough and then you can come back. :) 
Plus, even if they peek, they're getting a couple things from this list, and a couple things I didn't include so that there will for sure be a surprise!

Also, Mother's Day is MAY 10, only 2 and a half weeks away, for those of you who like to wait until the last minute. Help me help you!

Up to $25

Not available online, but readily available in Target stores

$14.99 at Target

Stone Stud Earrings (2 choices)
On sale for $28.50 at Nordstrom (in 16 colors)
$8 at Nordstrom (in 5 similar colors to some of Kate's)

Tea Towels with Kitschy Mom Sayings
$7.95 each from PaperSource

PaperSource has a ton of cute stuff, btw, and a handy "Mother's Day" section on their homepage. I LOVE PaperSource and have never been disappointed in any of their products. 
Not paid, just a big fan!

$20.00 from KateSpade.Com 
Adorable, no?

$25 on Amazon

Under $50

 Next up, some selections between $25 and $50

$25 on
I've heard great things about this scent, and this size is a nice way to try it out!

$30 on Wayfair 
(Sign up for the emails--totally worth it for big ticket items like furniture pieces)

$34.95 from PaperSource and so darn cute!

Much as they hate it, many of our moms need reading glasses. 
They may as well have cute ones!
$42.00 from Nordstrom

Because who doesn't want a cashmere scarf in their closet?
$44.49 from Nordstrom

Not sure why the photo is so tall of such a small object but anywho
$50 on

Personally, I often gift a few smaller items together that fall within a common theme, so I don't very frequently go above $50 in my gifts for Mother's Day. Although again, I totally think our moms are worth it and I wish I could spend more on them all the time! Ricky & I have a "gift giving" category in our budget that I have to stick to--good thing or we might not be able to afford food! Fortunately, he lets me work the timing however I want, which is why a few of these goodies are bought & wrapped already--otherwise he'd be panicking May 9th!

If you need ideas for a homemade gift, I happen to be of the opinion that a cute DIY Acrylic Accessories Tray makes a great gift! :)

Do you have any great Mother's Day gift ideas this year? What is your favorite item from my list?
Are you someone who has all their gifts wrapped by the beginning of April, or do you wait until the last minute? Let me know in the comments below. 

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