High/Lows: Black Gladiator Sandals

High/Lows: Black Gladiator Sandals

Today I thought I would share a product with you that I have found at two different price points. I always love when I see people post dupes on their blogs or on YouTube and I came across this one completely by accident and had to share! 
Cassie from HiSugarplum (whom I love) has shared the high version of these in some of her fashion posts and I've had them in my Nordstrom online shopping cart for a couple of months and just hadn't gotten around to convincing myself to spend the money on them yet and I am SO glad! 

The high version is Steve Madden brand, which I have a couple pairs of and love and they are pictured below...

And then my sister-and-brother-in-law gave me a pair of cute black sandals from Target for my birthday and I was super pumped. They were super cute and obviously I had been craving black sandals so I was excited to wear them with a few outfits I'd been planning to wear with the gladiators above. 
But when I tried on the ones she gave me they didn't fit me quite right--they were a bit narrow and I have medium-width feet. So I got on Target's website to see what I might like to exchange them for and found the perfect dupe! 

Seriously, that is an amazing similarity with a $37 difference at Target's regular price or $41.50 at their sale price. I am so happy that I hadn't got the Steve Madden version yet and that I got sandals for my birthday and they didn't fit--all things that created a perfect storm to find this duplicate. The high version has a bit of a snake-skin like texture which is fun, but I may even prefer the smooth texture of the Target version. What are your thoughts?

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We're actually on vacation right now to celebrate our 3rd anniversary (we're back to work Wednesday) so let me know if you'd like to see a packing/travel post!

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  1. Great find!!! Love those Target sandals!!

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! Thanks for stopping by my little blog!


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