"Invaluable" Jewelry Pieces

"Invaluable" Jewelry Pieces

Two Special Pieces in My Jewelry Collection

Guys, I'm excited to share this post with you today because it's my first collab post. Invaluable.Com  contacted me and asked me to talk about special pieces in my jewelry box. Well, I'm not going to lie to you--I don't have a jewelry box, I have a jewelry cabinet/armoire thing. I LOVE this thing so much. It holds a ton of jewelry and the door has a mirror on the outside. Keeps me organized but doesn't encourage purging of old jewelry because I have room for it all!

The jewelry pieces that I'm going to talk about with you today are the brooches I put on my wedding bouquet. I had one brooch from each grandmother and put them on each side of my bouquet--they counted as my something old & my something borrowed. It was so special for me to have a piece of them with me as I walked down the aisle. 

Plus I love a good opportunity to pull out a few wedding pics! Sidebar shout-out--if you live in the Phoenix area and need a great photographer (she doesn't do a ton of weddings but she does a lot of lifestyle/family/senior/stock type photography and she's great)--our friend Bethany was our photographer and she did such a great job so I would definitely check her out. Ricky's known her since she was born and he was so comfortable with her, even though he normally hates to be in front of the camera. 

This brooch is from my Grandma Lois, my mother's mother

And this one is from my Grandma Elaine, my father's mother

Jewelry can be so meaningful and these are great examples in my own life. I don't know that either of them are worth much money-wise but they mean a lot to me because they represent my grandmothers who are both great, loving women. I have a few pieces from Ricky, including, obviously my wedding ring which is the most special jewelry piece I own.

I also have a couple of pieces from my mom, including a necklace that I wear probably 3 or 4 days per week. Most of the rest of my jewelry is inexpensive and I don't shop at any one place all the time--I mix it up between several different places.

I just love this shot of my bouquet & shoes so I had to share :)

 Just like furniture and decor, I like to have some high end pieces, a few trendy pieces, and a few vintage, thrifty pieces. In that regard, Invaluable is a great place to find pre-owned jewelry pieces. They have a huge variety, you can find classics as well as trendy pieces and it's unlikely that you'll have the same thing as everyone around you which is always fun. :) It's an auction site and I know some people are like way into the thrill of the hunt of auctions--it's like a whole experience!
I'm into this set of earrings right now on their site because they would match my halo wedding ring style and also the starting bid is $100. This set is even prettier but the starting bid is $7300 and I ain't all about that life.

My Grandma Lois (the flower brooch) is on the left between my mom & sister, and 
Elaine (the heart brooch) is on the right between my grandpa & my dad.

I'm getting very into online shopping lately, a lot more than shopping in person, I think because you save so much time and also because you can put things in your cart and sleep on it for a day or two before pulling the trigger. I wouldn't do it for everything (bras and jeans for example--unless you know your size very well in those brands, or foundation unless you already know your shade) but I love it for home decor, craft supplies, makeup brushes--and jewelry! 

This shot of them is so cute, sitting in the front row 
on my wedding day.

You can just see a hint of these brooches sticking out under the tulle at the top of the wrapped stems. 
Side note: I actually hated that bow on the bottom of my bouquet. But it was already on when it arrived and if I cut it off the rest of the wrap would have come undone. So what can you do?

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