Lorimer Reading Vol. 4-June Wrap Up

June Reading Wrap Up

Lorimer Reading Vol. 4

Guys, this month was so weird. I didn't read a single novel. That's probably the first time that's happened since I was four. But I did read some great books this month! We were busy, as is usual for the summer months. June included my birthday, our trip to Branson, and our anniversary so it was a little hard to find a lot of reading time. Luckily, most of these are easy reads!

by Randy Pausch

This book, which I received for my birthday from a co-worker, is the last lecture of Professor Randy Pausch, given soon after his terminal cancer diagnosis. His title was "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" and it was a really inspirational speech on how to love what you do and achieve your goals. I highly recommend it!

By Kate Albrecht

Flipping in the complete opposite direction here--A Hot Glue Gun Mess is a book by "Mr. Kate" a designer and interior design guru. You can find her on YouTube or mrkate.com, and she is hilarious. I love watching her interior design videos on YouTube-she has interesting taste and very creative style-and that's the reason I decided to read this.  That being said, this book has a few great DIY projects but is mostly stories about Kate's childhood. Most of the stories are a little (okay, a lot) off color, which I was not prepared for! She grew up in Hollywood and definitely has a colorful past that she shares in this book. So beware if you don't appreciate sexual content or language--she is not shy about anything. Even if she maybe should be. 

By Grace Helbig

Grace is another YouTube personality. She basically makes a living out of being funny and awkward. She also has a talk show and a podcast, which are also great. She's one of my favorite YouTubers out there. This book-The Art of Pretending To Be A Grownup-is wonderful. It should be required reading for all 20-somethings. There's life advice thrown in with jokes, stories, and a general sense of belonging. You walk away from this book knowing that nobody else has it all figured out either, and that that's okay. It's all going to work out in the end. 

by Gary Chapman

The Five Love Languages is a great book for understanding how people give & receive love best, based on which languages they relate to more. It teaches you what languages you relate to, and helps you understand the people around you and the ways in which they accept or give love that you may not be aware of before. The five languages are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. They're all great, but some of us put more meaning with certain ones than others do! 
I read this book each year in June because that's when our anniversary is and it's a great reminder that maybe Ricky is loving me in ways I'm not noticing, and it gives me ideas for how to show love better to him even if it's not a way that I would appreciate receiving as much. I hope this is making sense--it's kind of hard to explain in a concise manner. If you're confused--just read the book! :)

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