My 5 Top Organizing Apps

My 5 Top Organizing Apps

These days, there is an app for everything. Organizing is no exception! Which apps you use depend on what in your life you think needs more organization. While there are plenty of great organizational apps out there, the few I've assembled here are the ones that I use on a regular basis and love. Without further ado, here are My 5 Top Organizing Apps!

My Movies


Ricky & I use this app to keep track of all our movies. It's super easy to use, you just scan the barcode on the back of the package, and it organizes all of your titles alphabetically It also keeps track of what medium you have those films in: DVD, Blu-Ray, or Digital Copy. We love to watch movies and are big film trivia buffs. We get each other movies for gifts often and this app also helps us keep track of which ones the other person already owns so we don't double-up. It's the most expensive app on this list at $7.99 but if you love movies and have a sizeable collection, it's totally worth it!


You can technically use Snupps to organize anything you can photograph, which makes it the most versatile app I own. It's also organization meets social media, as you can follow other people with similar "shelves" and make your own shelves public or private depending on your preference. I do wish you could categorize your "shelves" into "closets" of like items, but other than that I love this app. You can also add lots of different details about your items, such as color, brand, expiration date, etc.  I use it to organize my makeup--follow me if you choose to add this app to your repertoire! It could also be used for household items, like lightbulbs. Whenever you ran out and needed to go the store, you would know the exact wattage and brand you would need! 

**Cozi Gold (Upgraded version) $29.99/year

This app is great for syncing up a digital version of your family calendar. You can link it with your family members and add items to either your personal calendar or shared calendars with your family. It's great if you have a lot going on or perhaps a forgetful husband? Not that I would know anything about that! Cozi's original version is free, but if you want to use some of the upgraded features, you can purchase it for $30/year which is about $2.50/month. 

P.D. (Period Diary)

Look, it's helpful, okay? This app keeps track of your cycle, predicts your next one, keeps notes about your symptoms and can even help you accomplish or avoid pregnancy by tracking your ovulation and fertile dates. (Disclaimer: No, I'm not trying to get pregnant.)You can customize how many days your cycle lasts and other factors. This app is $1.99 and comes in very handy!


This app keeps track of your closet! Girls love their shoes, and this gives you a way to keep track of them digitally as well as physically. :) I love to use this app to put together outfits for the day while enjoying an extra five minutes in bed. It also gives you a chance to look at your items a bit differently and put together new outfits with your existing wardrobe. It also prevents me from buying duplicate items accidentally--if I'm out shopping and like an item, I can check to make sure I don't already have something too similar in my closet! Best part--this app is free!

And those are my top 5 organization apps! If there are any great apps that you use to keep organized, let me know in the comments below--I can never be too organized and I love hearing about new apps and the way that people utilize them! You can also let me know if you try any of these and how you feel about them. :)

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