My Time in 1989-Taylor Swift Concert Recap

My Time in 1989Taylor Swift Concert Recap

Last year for Christmas, I received two tickets to Taylor Swift's 1989 tour (thanks Larry!) and went immediately into freak out fan girl mode for the next ten months straight. Two weeks ago, all that waiting paid off and I got to be in the same room with Taylor! #fangirlgoals

1989 has been absolutely my favorite of Taylor's albums so far so I'm so glad I got to attend a concert on this tour. I wish I'd been able to go to a Red tour concert because she toured with Ed Sheeran, who is another of my favorites, but hopefully I'll be able to see him at some point as well.

 Even though he wasn't on this tour, seeing this concert did introduce me to another good artist, Vance Joy. He was the opener for Taylor for this tour and Ricky & I both loved him. He has a alt-folksy Mumford & Sons kind of vibe, and I purchased his CD as a Christmas present for Ricky.  (He already found it and opened it, so I'm not spoiling anything by putting this info on the net.) Excuse the quality of these iPhone photos, but I wanted to share a few pics with you!

View from our seats!
The doors opened at 6 for the 7:30 concert and we were in line and ready to go at 6! It paid off because we were in the doors by 6:15 or so, got food, found our seats and watched the extra content showing on the big screens. Taylor had behind-the-scenes footage of her music videos, interviews, fan videos, and footage of herself shopping for Christmas presents for fans (known as "Swiftmas" a couple of years ago--she personally followed certain fans on social media, purchased them gifts & had them delivered or delivered them herself) and of herself inviting fans to her home to listen to 1989 before it launched. If you were at this concert & didn't already love her, you would now!

Pre-concert selfie!
The production value of this concert was insanely good. The band was amazing, the lighting was great, there was something going on all the time and it went so flawlessly. I was very impressed by the entire production. There were really great dancers & singers backing her up, and she sounded amazing even while dancing (in 4 inch heels!) She performed nearly every song on the 1989 album and a few from her previous CDs as well.

So purdy
Each audience member had a rubbery bracelet taped to their seat, which ended up being an LED light up bracelet that was synchronized to the show, which was really beautiful and such a fun idea. Sometimes everyone would be lighting up the same color, sometimes it was random, and sometimes the floor was a different color than the risers, and all of it was synched to the beat of the music. Great idea!

So, like many concerts, there was the stage, then a catwalk, then at the end of the catwalk a little round platform piece. Seemed pretty standard upon first glance. In the above photo you can see her & the dancers on the catwalk piece. 

However, this catwalk lifted up into the air & moved forward a bit, so that in the above photo Taylor is suspended above the audience. (She did have a harness around her waist as well, which was on a track attached to the catwalk so that she could walk around.) She used it this way for her slower songs, during which she played either guitar or piano. The audience was suitably impressed when the catwalk picked up this way but started to rotate! So, so cool. 

Guys, she was so close to us when the catwalk spun our way! What a good way to add a little "it factor" to her slower songs.

The style of the choreography and energy of the dancers was really impressive as well, and the entire house was on their feet dancing along for almost the entire show. The above photo was snapped during "Welcome to New York" which was her opening number. 

"I Knew You Were Trouble"

"Bad Blood"

"Wildest Dreams" --one of my very favorite songs
Overall, I would say that this was probably the best concert I've ever been to. Taylor is one of my favorite artists-I just think she's such a talented singer/songwriter. We are within six months of each other age-wise and I feel as though I've grown up with her and her music. Along with my love of her and her songs, the quality of the concert was so high that it sets a very high standard!

"Shake It Off"
Naturally, she finished out the show with a super high energy performance of "Shake It Off" and so the energy of the crowd leaving the arena was really upbeat and excited. I loved every minute of 1989!!

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  1. Looks amazing!! I wanted to go so badly! Glad you enjoyed it! I saw her with Needtobreathe when she was touring with her purple album and it was life-changing haha. Love her!

    1. It definitely was! I feel like I'll be referring to 2015 as that year I became an aunt and saw Taylor Swift. :)


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