November Favorites

November 2015 Favorites

Here are some of the things that I've been loving all last month--check them out below!

The Sociopath Next Door
By Martha Stout--$9.44
This book is a non-fictional, informational look at the nature of sociopaths and the prevalence of sociopaths in our society. Contrary to popular belief, not all sociopaths become serial killers, but they do lack the ability to have empathy or love in the way that most people think of love--so not really able to love unconditionally. They also don't feel guilt for breaking any sort of moral code. I just thought it was a really interesting book and everything was explained very well. Not a light beachy read by any means but worth the time if you'd like some info on this topic!

A Little Princess
By Frances Hodgson Burnett--around $7-8
I have links to both the book & the movie of this one--I love both. I originally was adding it to this list because I re-read the novel this month but I can't think of Sara Crews without thinking of this little girl from the movie! This story is very nostalgic for me since I loved it as a kid and when I saw it along with several other classics in the Target dollar spot a few weeks ago I had to pick it up. It's such a great story with a positive for little (& big!) girls. Plus I love the time period, the setting (England) and it's a nice antidote to the heavy read of The Sociopath Next Door book, so it's a win-win-win for me.

$21 for Season 1
This is a guilty pleasure type of show for me. I started watching it because I'm very into historical shows based on real historical figures, and this one is about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. However, I'm not going to lie to you, this is essentially a soap opera-type dramatic series loosely set around a not very accurate depiction of Queen Mary. But once you watch an episode or two, you fall in love with the characters, particularly Francis & Mary, and you just can't stop! (Or at least I can't!) The third season is now streaming on Hulu+, but the first seasons are available on Netflix. Enjoy!

$6 DVD
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Ricky & I watched this in the evening after getting home from our Thanksgiving festivities at his parents' house. This movie is fantasical, adventurous, romantic and just an all around feel-good movie. Plus it has Claire Danes, Robert DeNiro, and has Michelle Pfeiffer as the villain! What more do you need?

Morphe Brushes

This 706 set is the way to go when trying out this brand because you get to try different types and shapes and they are all great quality. It comes in a little stand up case that has a snap-on top which makes it easy to travel with. I love love love Morphe brushes and the two that I would recommend the most outside of this set are the 501 which I use for highlighting, and the S22 which I use to set my foundation with powder. They are inexpensive, they wash really well and they are easy to use!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Liquid Lipsticks
$?? Around $8
I've linked these to the Revlon website, but they look to be pretty much sold out at most of their "where to buy" locations--at least online .They are probably still available in stores at Target & Walgreens though because I've seen them both there in the last couple of weeks! These are a matte liquid lipstick, but they don't dry down to as matte and dry of a finish as many of the current popular liquid lips that are out. I love them because you can wear a bolder lip without worrying about them moving around too much on your lips or sliding outside your lipline--even without a lip liner. But the fact that they're not super dry means that they are more comfortable and nourishing on your lips. I have two shades and plan to get a few more!

Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray
This is my favorite makeup spray ever. If you're unfamiliar with finishing sprays, they can be described as "hairspray for your face" as far as performance. (Don't worry--they don't feel like hairspray at all!) The idea is to keep your makeup in place all day so that nothing moves around and it all stays precise. It was supposedly originally developed for Disney Princesses at Disney Parks so that they wouldn't sweat their makeup off being outside in Florida and California all day. This isn't a totally necessary step every day, but if you have a big event (such as a wedding) it's a great idea to make sure your makeup still looks fresh in the photos! The thing that I particularly like about this one is that it feels cool and hydrating and gives you a radiant-to-dewy finish, which is great this time of year  in the U.S. (winter) when skin tends to look and feel more dry. Fake it til you make it is my philosophy. 

Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill is one of the most talented makeup artists on YouTube, and one of my favorites. She has two adorable dogs and a rocker husband, and her name is pretty cool too. :) Her channel is the one that really got me into makeup. She is a professional makeup artist who has both worked for MAC and also done freelance event work. She is energetic, quirky, gorgeous, but most of all, talented.  One of my favorite cheek highlights (Champagne Pop) was created by her, and she has more collabs coming in the future. If there's a specific beauty technique you'd like to learn more about, chances are she has at least one detailed tutorial on her channel!

Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Apple

You guys are going to think I'm sponsored by Bath & Body, but I swear I'm not (although B&B, if you're watching, let's talk!) because I recommend a candle by them in most of my collection/favorite type posts. I can't help myself--I always have a candle burning when I'm at home and I stock up on lots of different options when they have their two-for-one sales and just update you on the good ones when I get to them in my stockpile. ;) This one keeps the fall theme going a bit, and even though we're headed into December I still love fall candles the best and won't completely give them up! I'm willing to add a little gingerbread and clove type scents here and there, but pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon are really the cozy scents that call to me when it's chilly out--all through fall and winter.

Anything Cinnamon

Speaking of cinnamon, cold weather turns me into a cinnamon loving freak. I did a post waaaaayyyy back in the day on cinnamon sugar crescent rolls, which are amazing. and I've been on a cinnamon roll kick lately. There are so many great dessert recipes for cinnamon! (See my "Pinterest; It's What's For Dessert" board for more ideas.) I'm actually making cinnamon rolls along with Italian Sausage soup for a get-together that will be happening on the evening of the day I post this. :) So I'm pushing my obsession on everyone around me! I've even been adding a dash of cinnamon to my chocolate-banana-almond milk protein shakes and that's been a great flavor addition.

And there you have it! A quick round-up of some things I've been loving throughout the month of November.

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