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Colourpop LippiestixSwatches & Mini Reviews

Several people have seen some of my swatches of various Colourpop items on Instagram and requested a full post of swatches of all my Colourpop items, along with mini-reviews. I am happy to comply! I love Colourpop for their long lasting formulas & affordability. 

My growing collection....
Today's post is going to be all about their Lippiestix, which is one of the products that I have quite a large collection of, the other being the super shock shadows. Colourpop also carries lippie pencils and matte liquid lips, but their lippiestix are definitely my favorite. And they are only $5 so you can build a collection too. ;) 

That one with the white cap is the lippie primer, so it's not colored
They come in several formulas, including matte, glossy, hyperglossy, creme, and sheer. I really like all the formulas but the ones I wear the most often are probably the glossy & the sheer. 

Still room for more!
I have 17 lippies & one lippie primer which I mostly use with the matte formula so that my lips don't look too dry or cracked under the lipstick.

I obviously have a few color families I tend to stick with...
You can see more of my brush holders & a DIY perfume display here....more makeup organization posts to come in the near future!

Ace-Cream Finish (No longer available)
This one is a creamy nude that's a shade or two warmer than my skin tone so it doesn't give me that "concealer lips" look that none of us want.

Aquarius-Creme Finish
Described as a soft pink nude in a Crème finish, but it runs a bit brownish-nude in my opinion.

Bound-Glossy Finish (This one is one of my all time faves!)
A light nude-pink in a glossy finish. This one is one that I am always reaching for--it goes with a wide variety of eye looks, from soft & natural to smokey bombshell.

Che La-Creme Finish (No longer available)
This one is a creamy coral--very coral, almost a tint of orange in this one. I like it pretty well but have always wished it was a sheer formula instead of the creme because I think that would be prettier in this color on my skin tone.

Cougar-Matte Finish (No longer available, but Toucan is a similar matte) 
This is a hot pinky-coral color in a matte finish. Very pretty!

Heart On-Matte Finish
I like this one because it's a bit different from the expected bright pink. It's very cool toned, magenta rather than straight pink. Fun with smokey cool toned eye looks or with nothin' on your eyes but mascara.

I Heart This-Matte Finish
This is a red based fuchsia in a matte finish.Also on the cooler side of things, which I am liking from Colourpop because I feel like this last year every other brand has been coming out with super warm shades.

Juice Bar-Sheer Finish (Another fave!) 
Cool toned berry pink in a sheer finish, this is maybe my most often worn lippie because it's super easy, it goes with everything and it gives me a "your lips but better" type of look.

Tipsy-Glossy Finish
This shade is a glossy neon-peach color. I love it a lot in the spring and summer when I'm wearing a lot of florals & bright colors, but I really haven't touched it since September--it doesn't speak to me int the cooler months!

Lumiere-Matte Finish
A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish--this look is another "your lips but better" shade, but a bit deeper and dustier than juice bar. This is a matte but looks great under a nude or pink gloss.

Parker-Matte Finish (No longer available) 
This brownish-nude matte is no longer carried by Colourpop but it's not one of my favorites anyway. I may get blasted for saying that--all the brands are coming out with this type of shade right now!--but it's just not my favorite color for my skin tone. I do pull it out now and again for certain looks (it's a bit Kardashian esque and that's a style one of my fave beauty gurus gravitates towards) but it's no in my daily rotation.
*Update! Parker is back and you can find it here. 

Pasties-Hyper Glossy Finish (No longer available but there is a similar satin-finsh, Punky)
This is a fairly neon glossy medium pink, and I really like it but I think the satin finish on Punky is probably even prettier!

Another of my most reached for shades, this is a sheer cool toned red and I love it. The sheer formula is just so easy and wearable--but it's not as sheer as it looks on their website! They still pack a color punch, they're just not as opaque as the other finishes.

Thirsty-Satin Finish (No longer available) 
Thirsty is a darker nude pink and it's an oldy but a goodie. Brink isn't exactly the same but it's a pretty close match if you're looking for something similar. Plus, Brink is my favorite Disney Channel movie, so there's that. ;) 

Tiger-Sheer Finish
Another sheer so you know I'm going to love it! A rich plum wine in a sheer finish, this gives me my fall berry toned fix without needing to use a lip liner or worry about needing to touch up during the day. It does wear off, but it wears off nicely, not in patches.
Topanga-Satin Finish
A mid-tone dusty coral in a satin finish, this is another fave for me in the spring and summer which is when I tend to reach for coral or peachy lips. This one didn't come with a sticker but I know my Topanga! #topangaandcoreyforever

Trixie-Satin Finish
Trixie is a bright coral red in a satin finish, and yet another good summer shade but plays pretty as well with winter neutrals as well.

So there you have it! My full Colourpop Lippiestix collection. I will update soon with lip swatches & be on the lookout for my next installment of Colourpop products, which will be their Super Shock Shadows (eyeshadows)!

While my color selection is rather tame and wearable, these lippies come in all colors you can imagine, including black, orange, and even pretty electric blue & green. I don't tend to lean that direction, but if you do, or if you need a wacky shade for a costume or something, it's nice to know that you can find it in a great formula for $5!


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