January 2016 Favorites

January 2016 Favorites

Welcome to this month's favorites post! As always, this is a random mish-mosh of things I have been loving in the past month--some beauty, fashion, books, shows & even food this time! I hope that one or more of these things sparks your interest because I love sharing great items with my internet friends. Enjoy!

Price varies as it's shipped from 3rd parties in Europe--anywhere from $12-$20

I would say that this has been my go-to foundation in the last month. It just looks good every single time I put it on, without having to use a ton or change my application technique. It looks good on top of every primer I've tried it with as well, which is pretty impressive! It's definitely a dewier finish (so I don't know if you'd love it if you have super oily skin), it's medium coverage, and it as a very natural look. It's a European brand but you can find in on Amazon with the link above. I have mine in #51 Vanille Clair, and I will say a downside to it is that it only comes in 6 colors and the shades don't go very deep. If you can find a shade that works for you, though, it's definitely worth a shot!

A trend you may have noticed in my past several favorites posts is that I am DRY in the winter! That extends to my lips. This lip exfoliator is really good to use before applying lipstick of any type, but especially the matte liquid lips that are so popular right now. I use it that way and also often right before I go to bed. I bought the sweet cherry originally but I wouldn't recommend that scent unless you're really into that fake cherry smell (very fake!) so I'm more into the original or mint. 

Because my lips are drier in the cold months, I've been reaching for this Nivea Kiss of Care & Color balm pretty often. If I'm chapped and don't feel like my lips are up to a "real" lip color, this is a pretty tinted lip balm that goes on fairly sheer but gives a touch of color. I'm not too crazy about the scent but it's not overly noticeable once you have it on. It comes in crimson and coral as well and all three are very pretty on the lips. If you're going to choose one, I would go with the one that is closest to your natural lip shade. 

I got a sample sized version of this styling cream a while back and fell. in. love. so I had to buy the full sized! When I use this product, I apply it to very damp, finger combed hair right out of the shower and then I kind of pile it up on top of my head in a turbie twist or a hair clip and leave it that way while I get ready. Taking it down and spritzing it with some Aussie sprunch spray before leaving the house is all I do and I'm good to go!

Taupe Booties on sale $86 (regular price $129)
I don't own this exact pair but I have some very similar ones (couldn't find them online) that I received as a Christmas gift from my MIL and am loving recently. I've been pairing them often with the green blouse & pointe pants from my December favorites post, as well as a few "winter white" type outfits--basically anything with pretty neutrals and soft colors. They're so cute, versatile, and an easy way to wear heels in the winter when I don't want my skin exposed to the snow!

Mixed Media V-Neck Tunic on sale $34.80 (regular price $58)
These tunics are so nice! They're soft, comfortable but still pulled together, and for my (very short) frame, are perfect thrown on with leggings and boots. I was wearing that plus a brown fur vest in a recent instagram shot and was comfy-cozy all day long!

Parks & Recreation
Available on Netflix
Guys, I KNOW that I am so late to the party on this one, but Ricky & I have just started watching Parks & Rec at the beginning of January and have pretty much been bingeing it all month long and are halfway through season 3 at this point. I want to work for the Pawnee government, I want to be best friends with all the cast members, I want to cry that it ended after 7 seasons and we will probably be done by next month. So, pretty much it's amazing. :)

by Jen Hatmaker

Both books I'm talking about this month were Christmas gifts from my awesome sister in law Kelsey, who is a fellow bibliophile. I've talked about Jen Hatmaker in a past favorites post when I bought another of her books, and this book stays true to her same hilarious, Jesus loving voice but gets more serious about her love for women as well. I finished it two weeks ago and I already want to give it to every girl I know!

by Sarah Bessey

Similarly to the book above, this book delves into the heart of Jesus for women, the different definitions of feminism (and how the term has been twisted over the years) and shares personal stories of amazing women who are making a difference in the world. It's packed full of nuggets of wisdom, and I plan to read it again soon with a pen and notebook in my hand!

Every once in a while I go through a pretty intense guacamole phase and I am in the middle of one right now! Ricky doesn't love it because the whole living area smells like guac and he is not a fan. I have to stick with the mild ones though because I am such a baby when it comes to spice. :) It's also nice that they're sold in 100 calorie packs because it keeps me (somewhat) in line in terms of portion,  it keeps the rest of the package fresh, and it makes it easy to throw in your lunch to take along with you to work!

That wraps up this months' favorites! What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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