February Favorites 2016

February Favorites 2016

Hi all! If you're new to my favorites posts, I just like to share things with you all that I have been loving in the past month. Hopefully you'll find one of your new favorites, or you can share things you love with us in the comments. Enjoy!

This color is gorgeous--a creamy off white (not as beige as it looks on the bottle)--and these Wet N Wild Gels are a great formula that don't require 8 coats like some lighter colors & stay on for several days before chipping!

I'm finally ready to start letting go of fall candle scents. I didn't change it up at all in the winter, sticking pretty closely to the pumpkin/apple/cinnamon/marshmallow woods ones that I've mentioned in previous favorites posts. I've never been super big into the pine or peppermint scents that tend to dominate winter candle themes. But spring & summer can change my mind! I love a good fresh, fruity scent with a hint of warmth and that's exactly what sangria sunset delivers. It's also a gorgeous raspberry color which I think brings that springtime feeling into the room even if the candle isn't burning! I have the smaller version of this one on my nightstand and have been loving it in the evenings as I read in bed.

Nivea Lip Butter-Raspberry Rose Kiss & Cocoa Butter Kiss--$2.99
This is such a great lip butter! I have been using it every night this month. I keep it on my nightstand and apply right before sleeping and my lips feel so much softer in the morning. Especially helpful since I've been struggling with a cold which can dry out my lips. It has no color to it and can build up a thicker layer to wear overnight that will really sink in as you sleep. I probably prefer the raspberry rose scent just a tad but that might be because I use a cocoa butter lotion all over my body so maybe I'm a little cocoa butter-ed out by the time it comes to my lips!

I love every single one of these. There were 29 days in February and I probably had one of these on my lips 24 of those days. They smell sweet (giving them that Oh, Sugar! title) so if you're not into that you may not like these but the scent does fade after a few minutes. They are more pigmented than some tinted lip balms, but are definitely less intense than a regular lipstick. Nearly all of them give me some version of a "my lips but better" type of look. Punch & Gumdrop are the two exceptions (Punch is a pretty candy apple red, and Gumdrop is a deep berry shade--both gorgeous but less natural on my lips). They are so perfect for those of you with a full day job because they wear off so nicely and look so "everyday" lovely. I will definitely be continuing to wear these all spring & summer long. 

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies--$4

I bought 3 boxes and am already sad I didn't buy more. Did you see where Gordon Ramsay said Thin Mints were like cheap restaurant mints on the Jimmy Kimmel show and SPIT ONE OUT? First of all--blasphemy. Secondly, I happen to thoroughly enjoy Andes mints at Olive Garden, which may have been what he was referencing so again--blasphemy! Anywho, I used to be a girl scout myself and always enjoy buying boxes of cookies from my co-workers friends each year. Thin Mints are the best, but I'm a fan of Samoas & Lemonades as well.

House M.D.
I'm sure that if you're from the U.S. you're aware of House. Running from 2004-2012, it's a show about a brilliant diagnostic doctor, who is loosely based on Sherlock Holmes for the connections he makes to solve the puzzle of his patients' illnesses. I appreciate a quick wit and House is the quickest. This is one of those shows that I have seen every episode of, so I can have it on while I'm puttering around the house working on projects and not worry about missing something, but if you watch it for the first time it's pretty riveting! Bonus: you can find it on Netflix. :)

If you follow me on snapchat you may be aware that I was having severe insomnia last week and stayed up all night watching the Brit Awards on YouTube. There was a lot of this face from Adele and lots of other greatness from James Bay, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, One Direction and more. I'd never watched the Brits before but loved the mix of award show antics & British humor.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler $11.47
You. Guys. This. Book. is so amazing! Ricky and I have been on a Parks & Rec kick lately and it inspired me to pick this up and it's just true to Amy Poehler form, which is hilarious, honest & down to earth. I've been thoroughly enjoying it!

Leo Winning an Oscar
I know this only happened at the very end of February but I couldn't wait to mention it! It's about dang time that Leo had an Academy Award to call his own and I'm so happy he finally does. He has probably deserved it about 5 times but we'll start with this. :)

What were you loving in February? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. The Keebler ELf Grasshopper cookies are dupes for thin mints. Found year-round in the cookie aisle at your fave grocery store! I don't know whether to say you're welcome or I'm sorry? You're welcome to taste buds? I'm sorry to waist line? bahahahaha! Those are my struggles at least!

    1. Probably both replies are appropriate! ;)
      I will have to check those out! I know they sometimes sell an ice cream version of thin mints as well that are amaaaaazing!
      XO, Jaclyn


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