Deva Curl Product Line Review

DevaCurl Product Line Review!

You guys may be wondering about the lack of posts lately! I've only posted 3 times in the last month (#whoops) but that's because I've been a bit focused on changing jobs. 
As I've mentioned before, since summer of 2013 I've been the office manager of a real estate company. The company was great, the people were awesome, and I liked being there. But like many small companies with only a couple of employees (the realtors are considered independent contractors) they couldn't offer me things like health insurance or benefits--and I'm turning 26 this summer and won't be covered under the 'rents insurance anymore. So when an opportunity came up to be the administrative assistant to a department head at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I couldn't pass it up. I was sad to leave but am excited for the opportunities ahead!
And that includes much more posting over here!

Okay, so now that that disclaimer is out of the way, on to the point of this post!
When I left my old company, one of my co-workers and dear friends gave me a Deva Curls product set as a going-away present. She also put in a Deva Curl towel, one of those microfiber towels that won't rough up your hair's cuticles while you're drying it. Such a cute, thoughtful present! As I talked about in my curly hair routine & tips post, I love making the most of my curls and am always open to trying out new products!

I had tried the coconut cream styler before but these products were all new to me, and I immediately thought I'd give you all a review once I'd put them to the test. I've been using these products now for about 3 weeks and am feeling good about them. I've used them individually (using products I already know and love) or all together as a whole Deva-day, in order to see how I felt about each product and the set as whole.

First up: the shampoo (no-poo). I thought I'd get this out of the way first because the no-poo is my least favorite item of the bunch. Ulta's website defines it thus:
DevaCurl No-Poo Zero Lathering Conditioning Cleanser is a no lathering conditioning cleanser that guarantees the healthiest, bounciest curls.

Maybe you need lather for a good clean? I don't know. I just know that while I liked the way this felt in the shower and for the first day, I could not pull off not washing my hair again on day two. By two my hair felt pretty greasy and residue-y. Dry shampoo wasn't really cutting it either. I tried it on 3 separate days and ended up with it in a ponytail each time.
If you have incredibly dry hair, if you do a lot of heat styling, if your hair is very coarse, you may like this product. Otherwise, I'd say this is the rotten apple of the bunch. They do sell a "low poo" version that has a mild lather rather than no lather--that may be more up my alley so I will have to give it a try and report back.  Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to all of the other products that I did like!

Next is the conditioner. This stuff is great! When I use it with my regular shampoos, it leaves my hair soft, easy to detangle, and doesn't feel like it's weighing down my curls. That last one is a biggie because most soft and smoothing shampoos I have used totally weigh down my hair and end up straightening it out.
I know. It looks exactly the same as the shampoo. Bear with me!
The whole line of products also smells really nice, which I care about more in my conditioner than my shampoo because it's what lingers the most on my hair. Big thumbs up to the conditioner! It looks like they have a couple of other conditioners in the line, including one for no-fading for colored hair, and a conditioning mask , both of which I'd love to try out!

Now we can get out of the shower and start the styling process. :) This kit came with two styling products and it is like they read my mind in this regard. I always use a gel to define curls along with a de-frizz, smoothing type of definer and this kit has both! (I also usually use a mousse for volume but we'll let it slide, Deva Curl.)

The first styling product is the light defining gel. It gives you that typical gel consistency and the kind of shiny finish. It's not as crunchy as some of the other gels that I have used and it definitely gives me definition! I'm really, really enjoying it.
I know. It looks the same too. I swear the next one will be slightly different. 
Finally, we have the styling cream. I think of this as kind of a smoothing serum/leave in conditioner/curl cream all in one. It feels like it gives me a good amount of moisture and tames flyaways but without leaving my hair plastered to my head (which I've had happen with other frizz creams). It doesn't smell quite as amazing as it's coconut counterpart, so when it's time to re-buy I will probably go for the coconut option but it's awesome nonetheless! I'm actually thinking about sticking it in my travel tote and going back to the coconut one because this kit gives you great travel-sized containers.
See? Tiny bit different.
And here is the coconut one, for comparison. I really love the packaging on these--it makes me weirdly happy that they come with a pump. I'm a big believer that all products should have a pump.

The Deva Curl microfiber towel is amazing, as I knew it would be. They're so great for not creating more frizz while squeezing excess water out of your hair. I'm a big proponent of these microfiber products and talk about other options in my curly hair routine post.
The link goes to a gray one, but this white & green one is the one I own. They're about the same thing though!
Curly hair can be so tricky, so it's really nice when you find a line of products that will work for you! While I'm still a fan of Aussie products as a drugstore option to mix & match with these DevaCurls, I am a big fan of this line and will be continuing to try out some of their other products. Let me know if you've tried any of these and what you thought! Also, if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. DevaCurl products are the best! I am a total addict :) I love the conditioner and the light styling gel. Sometime, you might also try the spray gel and the Mist-er Right. (Or you can make your own Mist-er Right with a spray bottle, water, and lavender oil.) Like you, I tried the No Poo shampoo, and I don't know if my hair wasn't curly enough, or not thick enough, but I just felt dirty and gross. I followed the instructions exactly and gave it a full 10 days ... but that was all I could stand. I have moved on to the Low Poo shampoo, and I love it! My hair feels clean but not weighed down and limp, which can happen with some other shampoos. And my curls just get better and better every month I stay on the DevaCurl routine. I have become a total convert and am now obsessed with embracing my natural hair texture. No more fighting the curl! Thanks for posting about these. Spread the curly hair revolution :)

    1. Jess, you're speaking my language! I gave the low-poo a shot too and really like it! I'm also a fan of the spray gel but haven't gotten around to trying Mist-er Right--they just have so many products to choose from, lol. :) I am looking forward to the long term benefits!
      #curlrevolution #curlygirlsunite
      XO, Jaclyn

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