Home Tour Part 1: Exterior & Front Door

Home Tour Part 1
Exterior & Front Door

Welcome to a new series for Lorimer Living! In this series I will be giving you a tour around our home in quick pieces in each post. You can see our home before we moved in our Move In Day Tour here, and I'll be sure to link each post to our Home Tour page here.

Our first post in this round of our home tour will be on our exterior and front door (so probably the least exciting of the bunch, but good for context!) We are renters, living in an apartment complex, so we don't have a full exterior, a yard, or a garage. But we do have a front door area that we share with our downstairs neighbors and one of those cute little balcony areas that you can see in these photos (that I will be sharing in a later post).

Our front door is pretty basic--it's a good way to get inside the building. :) I do really like the rich red color and the neutral siding and brick of the exterior, which is great since I can't change those things! It's also nice that the doors are covered so that when it's raining and we're fumbling for our keys or whatever we're not just standing in the rain (our last apartment didn't have a cover so we have learned to be grateful!) We have a bit of landscaping to "our" side of the door and some nice trees in the green space separating the buildings. We are big fans of this complex--especially for the area of town and the price point. But I do like to give every are of our home a little personal touch, as you probably know!

So for our front door, I've just added a nice personalized doormat (a wedding gift from friends) and a door hanger. I tend to switch out the door hangers regularly to go with the seasons/holidays. I have a big heart for Valentine's Day, an egg wreath for Easter, an Independence Day hanger, a fall wreath, and a Christmas wreath. Then during "off-seasons" when a themed one doesn't really work, I have this chalk board one that I can write on, which is a bit small but kind of a fun way to welcome guests.

Not in any way staged....as in, I apparently couldn't even be bothered to move the few
leaves that get stuck behind the doormat. :)
I did black out the door number though...it is the internet...you understand!
I don't want to have much else that takes up floor space or anything out here on a regular basis since we share this space with our neighbors and there's not a big footprint. I don't want to step on anyone's toes! #respecttheneighbors. The neighbors also have very small kids so I wouldn't want anything they could easily destroy. Perhaps I'll add small planters on either side of the door this summer? I definitely look forward to having a house in the future with a cute front porch to add a swing or rocking chairs and other decorative touches to, but for now we're just working with a door. :) So most of the "outdoors" stuff we have (which is minimal) is upstairs on our balcony. More on that coming in a future post!

See my Home Tour page for more posts in this series!

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