Top 5 Drugstore Primers

Top 5 Drugstore Primers

Primers have blown up in the makeup industry in the last couple of years--they are now everywhere and drugstore brands have been coming out with them left and right! But which ones stand up the best? Here are my top 5 picks from the drugstore. 

I have been all about the illuminating trend since last fall and it is still going strong for me! This primer gives you a barely-there natural glow. It holds onto foundation really well, and you can even wear it on a day without makeup for a subtle luminous look if you mix it into your moisturizer. It just gives a healthy, satiny finish to your skin. Love it!

This is pretty similar to the Nyx one above, but it has a stronger glow factor. It's great as a primer and feels pretty silky and hydrating, but you can also wear it as a liquid highlight just on the tops of the cheekbones, cupids' bow and above your brow. It blends it well with a beauty blender if you apply it that way--it can be really intense if you just use your fingers. But if that's what you're going for, have at it! I find that a liquid highlight can look a little softer and more summery than a powder one so I've been doing this more often lately. This is also the only primer on the list that I wouldn't recommend if you're oily--it can add to that look if it's already there. But the L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer is a great alternative!

This is just a good 'ol primer. It says "skin perfecting" in the subtitle, and it does blur pores a bit, but mostly it just hydrates your skin and preps it really well for lasting makeup. My foundation goes on really smoothly over this, it feels nice on the skin, and it lasts a long time. Thumbs up!

This primer promises to blur and illuminate--and it does, but it is a much more subtle luminosity. It's not really a highlight nor will it make a matte foundation into a luminous one, but it gives you a touch of somethin'somethin'. And it does blur the look of pores a fine lines as well!

This is a much more typical primer than most on the list--no gimmicks, no special promises. It just primes your skin for your foundation application. This particular formula is a bit tacky upon application, which not everyone is a fan of feeling, but it makes it really long lasting if you need your makeup to really hold up all day long.

elf Primers $6

Special mention to the Elf primers--some are great (I like the hydrating, blemish control, and clear options) and some are terrible (I'm looking at you, radiant formula!) but for $6 you can test them out and see for yourself which ones work best for you--they have quite a few options so there's something for everyone!

As you can tell, with my skin being a bit on the dry side, I'm all about having a lot of hydration and glow in my primers! Some of my favorite foundations are matte or satin, and these primers really help give a natural, healthy finish to the skin so I don't look dry or cakey.

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