26 Goals On My 26th Birthday

26 Goals On My 26th Birthday

This April I decided to actually write down some goals for myself moving forward. I knew there were things that I wanted to accomplish but I didn't really have a good way of keeping them at the forefront of my mind or holding myself accountable to them and I thought this would be a good way to do it. I wrote down big goals, like buying a home and having children, and small goals like having a picnic and reading at least two books a month. I ended up with a whopping 104 total goals! #canyoubelieveit #holdme

Ricky & I headed to our birthday sushi date
I divided them all up into categories so I wouldn't lose my mind, and then I set to work! I've already checked a couple of my one time goals off (replace Ricky's Mustang with a more reliable car) and other goals that are cyclical in nature I've made notes of when I'm accomplishing them (read two books each month--checked off for April & May). I'm not setting a time limit on the whole list, but I do have times marked on many of the individual items. I just want to make sure I'm moving in the right direction on these things!
I feel like this could be a really good exercise that might help some of you out there as well, so I'm sharing it here! Some of the goals I came up with are a little personal, and that's waayyyy to many to expect you all to read through--so I thought in honor of my 26th birthday this past weekend I'd just give you 26 examples that are on my list.

My List Categories:

Just For Fun

Here we go!

1--Complete a social media free weekend
2--Complete the "Contentment Challenge" (not buy a single item for myself for 30 days)
3--Throw a dinner party
4--Create a yearly photo album
5--Re-read Love & Respect each June with Ricky
6--Date night 2x monthly
7--Join at least one Connect Group (small groups at our church--love ours!) each year
8--Read & journal one theological/bible study book each month
9--Save towards a home
10--After Ricky's graduation from school & new job, live on one income for 2 months--apply all of 2nd income towards debt or savings
11--Attend a bloggers' conference
12--Host 2 giveaways on the blog
12--Create at least one vide
13--Post consistently
14--Go to at least 1 concert per year
15--Attend a baseball game every summer
16--Go surfing or hiking
17--Visit NYC with Ricky (he's never been!) 
18--See a Broadway play
19--Go to the new African Grasslands exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo
20--Mail out holiday cards
21--Try an unusual workout class
22--Swim 3x/week for a month
23--Find doctors in the Lincoln area now that I have coverage here (any recommendations??)
24--Create 3 "Time of the Month" kits and drop them off at the city mission for homeless women
25--Leave a $20 tip on a meal that cost less than $30
26--Participate in a walk/run for a charity

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