4 Yummy 4th of July Recipes

4 Yummy Independence Day Recipes

Thank you all so much for your kind words on Facebook, Instagram, and here on the blog regarding my grandmother's passing. I appreciate your support during this tough time!

For all of you US readers out there, Independence Day is fast approaching! It's one of my favorite holidays with my mom's side of the family--we have two birthdays on the 4th & 5th, so it's nice to see those people, it's fun to hang out outside, swim, eat, & watch the fireworks. I always think it's fun to include red, white & blue into the decor and the food as well. These 4 recipes incorporate those colors into fun & festive treats for your 4th of July celebration!

These recipes can also work for any readers whose country colors are red, white & blue or can be modified to your colors of choice, whether that be for your flag, your wedding, or your favorite colors for a birthday or party!

How festive and easy are these firecracker cookies? The link's recipe uses cake batter, which would be fluffy and delicious, but you could also just add sprinkles to your favorite cookie recipe and have an easy and patriotic treat. And definitely make sure to call them firecracker cookies! I think it just adds an extra element of cuteness. 

I love this idea! These are probably the cutest popsicles I have ever seen, including the ones my husband makes that are shaped like lightsabers. Made with blueberries, raspberries, and greek yogurt, these are also a healthy way to stay cool in the hot July sun. 

Another healthy-ish dessert option is this no bake berry trifle. The linked recipe teaches you how to homemake cream cheese frosting, but I've made it before with angel food cake, berries & whipped cream to keep it nice & light & simple. :) 

And of course I had to include a drink option! This sangria recipe is especially adorable with it's star shaped pineapple pieces and can be modified to a non-alcoholic punch recipe as well. Make sure to use a clear pitcher or bowl to show off those stars!

What are your go-to 4th of July recipes? Do you try to use patriotic colors or just go with whatever tastes good? :) We'll definitely include our summer cookout standbys as well--burgers, pasta salad, deviled eggs....I better go, I'm making myself hungry! Enjoy your holiday!

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