Please Don't Stop The Music--Playlist #2


My Current "Get Ready" Playlist 

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I don't know about you, but I need some mood music to get me up & going in the morning. Music is and always has been such a big part of my life! I like creating playlists each season or so of songs that I've been really into, and going back and listening to old playlists puts me right back in that time frame. Last fall I shared a playlist that I was using to get ready to in the mornings, but of course I've updated that list a few times since then. The only song that is on both is "Angeles" by Steve Carlson featuring Jensen Ackles. It's actually entirely sung by Jensen but just appears on his friend Steve's album. And it's heavenly.
The whole vibe of this playlist is ethereal, whimsical, and chill. It doesn't shock me awake, but it does give a good background for a pleasant morning.
I've also included my Spotify playlist & YouTube public playlist at the end if you'd rather listen along on one of those platforms.
Hope you enjoy! 

I Love You-Alex & Sierra

Stay-Eli Lieb

Roses and Violets-Alexander Jean

Angeles (feat. Jensen Ackles)-Steve Carlson

You Are Mine (feat. Holly Maher)-Spencer Combs

In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley)-Andrew Belle

Kings and Queens and Vagabonds-Ellem

I Get to Love You-Ruelle
If this song existed four years ago, we totally would have danced to it at our wedding. 
I think this one is gorgeous!

Kindly Calm Me Down-Meghan Trainor

Make it Rain (from Sons of Anarchy soundtrack)-Ed Sheeran

Come Home-Jon Foreman

You and I-Ingrid Michaelson

A.M.-One Direction

You First Believed-Hoku

You're That Way-Jon Troast

Still Got Tonight-Matthew Morrison

Goodbye to You-Michelle Branch

When I'm Alone-Nevertheless

Wildest Dreams-Taylor Swift

Your Love is a Song-Switchfoot

Spotify playlist version , YouTube playlist version

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