15 Week Bumpdate

15 Week Bumpdate

Welcome to my first #bumpdate! I'll probably post these every 2-3 weeks or so. I'm planning on answering any questions you guys have for me, as well as the "regular" pregnancy questions people tend to ask in person.

I was unfortunately rear ended last night (twice!) at a stoplight, so I did have to go in to the hospital to get me and baby checked out. We're both doing okay--I'm a little sore but baby's heart rate was good so that's the most important thing. I'll deal with any ongoing care I might need in the future as well. It was definitely really scary and I'm not looking forward to any neck or back problems but hearing baby's heartbeat was a relief! Now I'm just dealing with insurance and claims and car repairs. Yay adulting! 

Size of baby?
The littlest member of the Lorimer family is at 15 weeks this week and about 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces--that's around the size of an apple! We had our first ultrasound at 11 weeks 3 days, and everything looked great--baby was kicking and moving all over the place, heartbeat was good, size was right on track. We're so grateful!

I was really hoping that my morning sickness would go away by now....so far, no luck. And that's not the only symptom! It seems that you don't always hear about certain symptoms that are, let's say, less appropriate for the dinner table or mixed company. Probably because of the morning sickness, I haven't really gained weigh (in fact, I lost several pounds early on) but I know that that will start up any day now. I will say that I'm not quite as tired as I was a few weeks ago, which I appreciate, but I'm still in bed before 9pm most nights. #noregrets  It helps make up for the sleep lost due to bathroom breaks. Many people are telling me that the second trimester honeymoon phase will set in soon, and I hope they're right. But even if I keep feeling awful, at least it's for a good reason!

 I haven't had too many cravings yet, just lots of fruits & veggies. I've had more in terms of food aversions--I have a hard time around things that are too greasy (even just the smell) so Ricky has had to pretty much cut out fast food and pizza for my sake! I can tell that meat (which I really avoided during the first trimester) is back on the table, so maybe our next date night will be for steak. :)

Other than majorly changing our budget and savings plans, we haven't done a lot in the way of physically preparing a space for baby. We are fairly certain we're going to stay in our apartment for now and change our office/guest room into a nursery (you can see the floorplan in this post from when we moved in--it's our least "finished" room so I've never done a room tour) and then talk about buying a house next year. We have a family member who had their baby in an apartment and until he started walking, it worked out really well, so since we have the extra bedroom we're going that route to save up a bit more. I would love to have started on the nursery prep by now, but we are on the waitlist for a garage stall at our apartment complex and will need to have that storage space available to move the office/guest room furniture into to make room for baby stuff!

Ultrasound at 11 weeks 3 days

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