Secret's Out!

Secret's Out!

Photo by Jeff Cloud Photography

Ricky & I are incredibly excited to announce that we will be welcoming a new little member to our family in the spring!

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I took the last few weeks off from posting, both here and on various social media platforms. It's been a hard secret to keep--plus I pretty much go to bed at 8:30 or 9 every night. :) 

I told Ricky he was going to be a dad on Friday, 8/12. I had found out the night before, but didn't quite believe the test (the first test read "error" so I thought maybe the package of tests was too old?) So that morning I purchased two more tests and took them at work--definitely positive results! So I got Ricky some dad shirts, a book, baby bibs that read "I Love Daddy" and a bag of Sour Patch Kids, stuck them all in a gift bag, and presented it to him that night.

Ricky's "Daddy bag" announcement
I loved his reaction--shock, disbelief, and so much excitement. I took a video on my phone (although I made the classic mistake of shooting in portrait because I didn't want him to know I was filming) and I know it will always be a great memory to look back on.

We told our parents & siblings in cutesy ways as well--we had to tell mine over the phone, but Ricky's family lives here in town so we were able to tell them in person.

My sister finding out from Alaska
It's still becoming real to us that we're going to be parents soon--such a crazy feeling. Physically, it's been rough, but a week ago we had our first ultrasound and seeing the baby & hearing the heartbeat definitely makes it all worth it.

For those of you not interested in kids or not at that stage of life, don't worry! This blog won't turn into a mommy blog, but I will definitely share bumpdates and things like nursery organization along the way. Leave any questions you may have for me in the comments and I will answer them in my next post!

Love you all!

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  1. I KNEW it when you hadn't posted in forever! I thought to myself, "I wonder if she's pregnant. . . " YAY!!!!!! SOOO happy for you!!!! <3

    1. You were right on Lyndsey!! Thank you--we are over the moon!


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