December Favorites

December Favorites

I've only written "2016" on like 15 documents so far, so I think I'm transitioning pretty well into the new year. How about you all?
I'm excited to share another #bumpdate & a post on getting our nursery started with you soon! Keep an eye out. In the meantime, here are the things I've been loving in December!

I sound like a broken record, but between the winter air & pregnancy, I need to keep that skin moisturized! I really enjoy this one that is really hydrating but not too thick or greasy. It means I can use it after showering & it melts into my skin really well so that it doesn't tug at my clothes when I put them on afterwards. I like a good thick body butter too, but I usually only use those at night so they can sink in overnight. This is a great day time option! Plus it smells great but not too feminine, so I can actually get Ricky to use it on his dry hands.

Good Mythical Morning is my favorite YouTube show from the "Intertainers" (Internet Entertainers) Rhett & Link. They've been best friends since first grade, which is evident when you're watching them, and they're highly entertaining without being offensive. I mean, don't they just look like fun?They have other shows as well, including one on YouTube Red, but GMM is my fave!

Look. The baby wants red meat, okay?  Even adding this photo to the post is making me extremely hungry. This has eased up a bit since Christmas but for most of December, I wanted steak or a good burger. I tried to keep it in check and get plenty of iron in other ways, but the times I did indulge were heavenly!

The Crown
I've always been fascinated by English royal history and while most of my interest is in the War of the Roses/Tudor period, it's pretty fascinating to watch this show, about the current Queen Elizabeth, in her early years, as well as a look at some of her prime ministers and advisors. It's a Netflix show that has just one season out so far but it's been picked up for more.

I've been doing a lot of "chill" makeup days with hardly anything on my face lately, with the exception of holiday events, and this BB cream is great. It has light coverage and works as a moisturizer with SPF, covering all my bases in one product. Plus, it looks like you're not wearing foundation but your skin just looks like it's naturally a bit better than normal. I like this with some concealer, lightweight mascara (mostly been using Benefit Rollerlash with this BB cream), light eyebrow pencil and a tinted lip balm.  5 minute makeup that's just "you, but better". The only downside is that it only goes in two shades on Ulta right now, and they are both essentially "white girl". The CoverGirl website has another 4 options but could still use some more. If you can find your shade, it's a great product!

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara
Now forget everything I said above about the natural look. This mascara is very dramatic & is my favorite of all time. I can't get on board with the falsies thing, but I still like to do dramatic eye looks once in a while, and this mascara is perfect. Volumizing, but not too clumpy. Lengthening, but no little fibers that make it look like you glued feathers on your eyes. Just perfection (except a bit pricey. I like to get the trial sized ones whenever possible--they're cheaper and last me about the same length of time before drying out.)

Morphe x Kathleen lights Palette

I almost didn't share this palette because it sold out so quickly but it was just recently re-stocked so if you are interested, grab it up quick! It is a gorgeous mix of colors in a really inexpensive, but good quality palette, and both Kathleen and Jaclyn Hill have posted really pretty tutorials using it if you'd like some inspiration! The only thing I didn't love was that some of the shimmery shades have fall out (when shadow falls onto your cheeks when you apply it) but if you do your eyes first, wipe your cheeks off, and then do your foundation, it's not really an issue. Small price to pay for the colors & quality. 

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