Office to Nursery: Getting Started

Office to Nursery: Getting Started

One room that I haven't ever blogged about is our office/guest room--and there was a reason! It was a completely functional room (not in the below photo, but ya know, at some point), with a desk & filing cabinet in one corner, a twin bed in another (we also have an air mattress when we have more than 1 guest), and two bookshelves. However, it wasn't really ever "decorated". We had a few family & friend photos on the walls and some accessories on the bookshelves, plus a few throw pillows on the bed, and that was it. Ricky mostly used it as his study/computer gaming room (complete with his self-described "nerd stuff") and so it wasn't a high priority.

Literally the only photo I can find of the office, and it's from right after we moved in &
I was unpacking & setting up the room & closet.
But that all changes now that we're turning it into our nursery for baby Adaline! Ricky & I spent a whole weekend a couple of months ago decluttering the closet, bookshelves & office supplies that were currently in there, and boxing up as many things as we could get away with. I did the same for the craft/blogging desk area in our living room.  Then we moved those boxes to our generous sister & brother-in-law's garage loft. We also lent them our twin guest bed & my little black blogging desk, which was a great win-win situation! We need to complete one final stage--moving the majority of our holiday decor into our outdoor storage space on the deck--and then the room will be "just" the nursery.

The closet on that same day as the photo above.
Glad to have a good sized closet to work with in this room!
We will still keep some holiday decor items, one set of guest bedding & the air mattress, and a few other small things on the left side of the closet. Then the middle and the right side will be all baby stuff. We've tried to "shop the house" for a lot of our baby storage solutions so that we could avoid needing to buy too many furniture pieces. So far we have a craft drawer set from Michaels in the closet that I used to have in my blogging area and a set of 2 two-drawer sets from Target that I originally bought in college and used to hold my "delicates" that have been relocated to another dresser (after a massive decluttering session!) in the closet. We've hung up her hanging outfits in the closet on baby sized velvet hangers, and I can't wait until the dresser is set up (should be later this week!) so I can start organizing her onesies, burp cloths, socks, etc.  So precious to see how tiny they are!

As far as the room itself goes, we were pretty slow with our shopping. For Christmas, Ricky's parents got us a crib & crib mattress, which we were really excited about! Ricky set it up a few weeks ago and it looks great. It was also kind of the moment where we started calling it "the nursery" instead of "the office". We also repurposed a bookshelf & a 9 cube cubby system the we already owned to use in there. They're dark wood instead of the white that I would prefer for that room, but I'm glad there's two dark items so that once we have some white items in there (hoping for a white dresser/changing table, a white nightstand, and gray glider) they'll balance each other out. In theory we could paint them but in reality we don't have an outside space that's practical for painting large items at the moment so that may wait until we are in a house.

We had our two baby showers in February, and received sooo many cute little clothing items, as well as lots of other helpful bath items, toys, diapers.... a big thanks to our family & friends! We were waiting until after the showers to make one big Amazon order, since Amazon offers a 15% completion discount on many baby items in the 60 days leading up to your due date--but you only get the discount for one order, so we wanted to use it wisely! 

Ok, here are some in-progress photos. There are still gifts and unopened boxes, so don't get too excited! This is just a snapshot of how it looks at this moment. We're 35+ weeks right now, so we really need to get moving but we've been waiting for furniture to arrive and be built!

The view looking into the room--that huge box is the dresser.
 We received our crib for Christmas from Ricky's parents, so it was the first thing set up in here. I'm in the process of washing the bedding, and am looking forward to seeing how it turns out with the crib skirt added on. So far it looks great--we love the white finish and clean lines.

The crib area, with a little nightstand to hold the humidifier & sound machine. Other items shown here include the monitor, auto rock'n'play, diaper genie (which will go next to the dresser) and the long skinny box standing up by the door is the curtain rod, with the curtains hidden behind the box holding the dresser. 

On the opposite side of the room, we have the bookshelf, boxes of diapers, and unopened boxes of stroller & car seat items. The boxes of diapers will be living in the closet shortly, and that corner will hold the glider and another small nightstand for a lamp and other small items. 

Another view--you can see the little nightstand in this one--it and the bookshelf are currently holding a lot of decor that will be put up around the room once we have the furniture placed. You can also see into the closet. We still need to move some things out of it, but the weather should be beautiful this weekend so we won't mind getting into our outdoor storage closet. I'm also loving that a whole shelf is taken up with baby books--I want her to love reading like I do!

And on the final wall, we have the 9 cubby unit that Ricky has had since before we got married, but with new cubby drawers in gray & pink. We also moved that decorative shelving on the left into this room from the bathroom for more storage and to free up space in the bathroom for a changing table (that will also hold all of Baby's bath time necessities). All the junk on the floor is hospital packing in progress. :)  

And that's the nursery so far! I'll be sure to share another update once we have everything organized & decorated. The good news is, even though it's not totally ready, we have the pack'n'play set up in our room, and we've got the car seat & some diapers & onesies, so at least the bases are covered if she decides she's ready to join the outside world. 

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