Watch, Listen, Learn Series. Part 3 -- YouTube Channels

Watch, Listen, Learn Series
A Series of Books, Podcasts & YouTube Channels That Inspire

Part 3 - YouTube

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Amy is a #girlboss who can get your butt in gear. It's exactly what I needed to start watching, especially after a year of taking care of a baby and not taking as much care of myself. She champions getting up early, intentionally managing time to be more productive, practical advice, and she does not accept excuses. While she doesn't have kids herself, she a lot of her tips and habits are very conducive to my new life as a mom. Great motivator!

I stumbled across Brittany about a year ago with one of her baby videos--she has a son about 3 months older than my daughter. He is SO SO cute so just know you'll be getting toddler cuteness injected into these videos. Brittany is absolutely gorgeous and originally started as a beauty vlogger (hence the name of the channel) but quickly branched out into more of a lifestyle channel. She has a ton of organizational/cleaning content, home decor, recipes, product recommendations, etc. Her family actively participates in her channel, and it's fun to watch her with her husband, son, and occasionally their parents and friends. She has a master's degree and some time spent living internationally under her belt so there are some fun stories that pop up from time to time about those stages in her life as well. I think my favorite thing about her channel is that it's not only helpful--it's really positive. I always click away from her videos in a better mood than I started. 

Mr. Kate is a company founded by Kate Albrecht & her husband Joey Zehr. They have a few different kinds of content, including beauty, fashion, hair, and art. However, their bread and butter is interior design and it's the vast majority of their videos. They have several series, such as OMG We Bought A House, Office Goals, Breaking Beige, and OMG We're Coming Over: Digitally Famous. Think of it as HGTV meets YouTube. They have quirky personalities, an awesome design style that they tailor really well to their clients (ie, it's not the same look in every client's home) and they're also just adorable to watch together.

I love organization so much, and Abby & her husband Donnie have an amazing blog, Just a Girl and Her Blog, and also this YouTube channel that goes more into depth on some of their projects. Sometimes a video really helps give you a better look at organization projects, so I'm glad they branched out into the YouTube space!

Destin from Smarter Every Day is an engineer from Alabama who makes videos exploring cool and visually interesting scientific principles. He started out making a video to show his friends how to light a bonfire with rockets and people enjoyed it, so he kept going. I like that he doesn't just show things that he's an expert in; he continues to educate himself on new topics for every video. This means that he doesn't upload constantly like a lot of YouTubers do, but every video is very good. It would be a great channel to watch with kids, and he sometimes features his own elementary age children. He's a great reminder to learn something new and get a little smarter every day!

While I watch several other types of things on YouTube--news, recipes, entertainment (shout out to Joshua Lorimer, my brother-in-law)--this list represents a few of the channels that I feel like I can take something tangible away from. Let me know if you check any out and which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

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