Little Girls' Decor & More from H&M

Little Girls' Decor & More from H&M

As we search for a new home, I've been thinking about making a few updates to Adaline's room once we move. She's two years old now, so we're moving away from "baby" and into "little girl". She's still in her crib, and she probably will be for a few months after we move for some stability with everything else having changed. After that we'll start to transition to a twin bed (we have a cute white metal twin sized daybed from when her nursery was our home office that we'll get to use again!). The rug in her current nursery is a little haggard, and looking for a cute, inexpensive replacement was what prompted me to start looking. Luckily, I found two cute ones! I've always liked H&M for inexpensive, cute clothing (for all three of us!) but I didn't realize their online store had expanded to so much decor. A lot of this can be used for boys or shared spaces too, and of course they have more options on their website.

Here's what I'm planning to scoop up!

We always need more kid storage, and how cute is this little basket?! I haven't decided if this will be for her room or playroom but it's too cute to pass up.

We have a lot of pink accents in Adaline's room, and she'll want pink sheets but I like to have a lot of calming, neutrals colors in every room, so this lightly speckled light gray duvet set is perfect!

This little hanger will be so cute for little hats, or in her playroom for her dress up accessories.

This is the rug that started it all! Pink but not overpowering, Adaline will love having this next to her bed. It's understated enough that it should grow with her for the next few years. And it doesn't break the bank, so when she does outgrow it, I won't feel like it's wasted.

I really like this cutie little rug for a playroom! Educational and fun, and again, not too primary/Crayola colored for me, as I'm not into that super bright look. How cute are the little animals on the different continents? I love it!

I guess this isn't technically decor, but look how cute! This would be perfect for after swim lessons when Adaline is always freezing in the locker rooms! It's big enough to last her a little while and can do double duty for cozying up to read or play.

Which item is your favorite?

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