Bathroom Drawer Organization-10 Minute Tip!

Bathroom Drawer Organization

10 Minute Tip

This week I'm tackling a quick 10 minute project that has made a big impact on my getting ready routine in the mornings. In our master bathroom we have a good-sized vanity that has a drawer on either side of the sink (seen here in my makeup organization post). 

It's definitely builder grade counter top & plain blonde wood, but we are renters and can't complain too much. :) It's about twice the size of the one we had in our Holdrege apartment so we are quite pleased to get ready in this bathroom each morning. We have so much more space in this bathroom than we're used to that when we first moved in (last November) we decided to just live with some of the spaces for a while and see what worked & what didn't. 

This didn't. Clearly. 

I finally got fed up with how messy this drawer looked. I shopped around a bit online and ended up going with these clear desk organizers from Amazon. Don't be afraid to use things in other areas of your home!

I really love these clear acrylic organizers. They might be showing up in other areas of our home soon because they're sturdy, rounded edges, stackable and you can easily see what's in them. The depth was perfect for these drawers too. 

I used two of the small ones for bobby pins & hair ties--both things that I can't just let flop around in drawers for sanity's sake. 

I used the last small one for hair pretties. :) I don't use these super often but they feel fun & springy & feminine so I like to break them out around this time of year--especially at weddings. 

The medium sized one I used for tweezers & nail clippers. Essentials, I tell ya. Especially in the summer when those toes are on display!

The biggest one-a square that would fit 4 of the tiny ones--got my hair claws, sock bun shaper & hand mirror. 

The last organizer I used for toothpaste & moisturizer. These are the things I use the most often so I knew they'd need prime location. :) 

What was left was a hair pick, long tailed comb, and two brushes. They were all long skinny items that I knew could fit along the side of the organizers. So I started playing with different configurations.

I decided on this basic configuration, but I didn't love the brushes area. They didn't lay as nicely in the area as I'd hoped....

And this was the culprit!
So I decided that this rounded brush would be getting a new home. I really only use it when I blow dry and straighten my hair (which I almost never do...I'm seriously trying to remember if my hair has ever been straight since we got married...maybe for one wedding?). This went to it's new happy home under the sink in the tote where I keep my curlers, straightener and blow drier. 

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These were the items left for that area, which worked perfectly. I brush my hair right before I get in the shower, use the comb if I'm braiding, and use the pick when it's dry. (Just because I know some curly haired girls would be commenting on the brush if I didn't explain--it's really a bad idea to brush curly hair when trying to style it!) And then the lighter is for candles... I LOVE candles and keep them and a lighter in pretty much every room, especially even the bathrooms! much better than the chaos before

I was loving the organizational aspect of it but it still looked a tiny bit boring, so I dug through my wrapping paper stash and came up with this fun polka dotted paper. 

Fun & springy!

I cut it to size using the very scientific method of eyeballing it. That's what happens when you get the organizing bug at 10:30 p.m. instead of sleeping. 

But I think it paid off! I much prefer the look of the drawer with the clean white and fun polka dots peeking through. I get a little giddy every time I open this drawer to brush my teeth. 

In fact, I think Ricky's drawer on the other side of the vanity is up next! #OrganizeAllTheThings

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  1. Mrs. L, you're not only practical and efficient, but whimsical and crafty, too - great tips!


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